UK Calls on Sudan’s Conflicting Parties to Ensure Safety of Aid Workers

Stranded Sudanees (Credits: Acción contra el Hambre)

The UK’s top representative at the United Nations, Simon Manly, made a crucial appeal to the conflicting factions in Sudan, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding humanitarian workers amidst the ongoing turmoil. This plea was part of a broader call for accountability voiced during a United Nations Human Rights Council session.

Echoing this sentiment, a coalition of 44 nations, under the guidance of the Troika (comprising the USA, Norway, and the UK), signed a collective declaration to ensure unhindered humanitarian access within Sudan.

This group also supported an upcoming humanitarian summit in Paris, which addressed the dire needs of the conflict in Sudan. The conflict has plunged nearly 18 million people into severe food scarcity, with the situation worsening as aid workers face obstacles in delivering much-needed support.

Sudan’s Forgotten Conflict (Credits: Chatham House)

The coalition’s statement highlighted an urgent plea for a ceasefire during Ramadan, aligning with Security Council Resolution 2724 to alleviate the escalating humanitarian crisis.

Particularly criticized was the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) decision to block aid delivery routes from Chad into Darfur, a move that has severely impacted the already struggling civilian population in Darfur, subjected to relentless violence by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

The coalition demanded that the SAF honor its obligations to enable cross-border and cross-line aid operations, particularly urging the crucial Ader crossing point reopening.

Aid piles up at Sudan (Credits: The New Humanitarian)

The statement underscored the indispensable role of local, UN, and international humanitarian workers and called for all conflict parties to adhere to international humanitarian law and the commitments outlined in the Jeddah Declaration.

It stressed the necessity of granting unrestricted access to humanitarian aid to prevent further suffering and loss among Sudan’s people. The looming threat of an exacerbated food security crisis, if assistance continues to be obstructed, underscores the critical nature of this international appeal.

The situation in Sudan stands as a stark reminder of the broader implications of conflict on human well-being and the fundamental need for global solidarity in times of crisis.

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