Resignation of Sen. Fetterman’s Communication Team Follows Controversy Surrounding Pro-Israel Stance

Sen. John Fetterman’s top communication staffers resign after backlash over politician’s pro-Israel stance

In a significant shakeup, three key communication staffers have departed from Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman’s office within a month, signaling a notable shift in the political landscape. This development comes amid Fetterman’s controversial positions on issues such as Israel and immigration, setting him apart from many of his Democratic counterparts.

Joe Calvello, previously Fetterman’s Director of Communications, has announced his move to become the Chief Strategy Officer in Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s office. Calvello expressed his enthusiasm for serving the people of Chicago in his new role. Another departing staffer, Nicholas Gavio, revealed his transition to the Working Families Party as the Mid-Atlantic Communications Director. Gavio’s experience includes work on Fetterman’s campaign as well as in Senator Bernie Sanders’ office.

The Working Families Party, a progressive minor political party, champions various platforms such as raising the minimum wage, taxing the wealthy, and advocating for environmental and educational reforms. Notable Democratic figures like Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been associated with the party in the past.

Sen. Fetterman
Sen. Fetterman (Credits: FOX News)

Emma Mustion, Fetterman’s Press and Digital Aide, announced her departure to join Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey’s campaign office as a press secretary. Mustion had previously contributed to Fetterman’s Senate campaign in 2022. Fetterman’s evolving political trajectory has garnered attention, particularly his recent disavowal of the “progressive” label and his criticism of Vice President Kamala Harris regarding Israel.

In response to Harris’s assertion that an Israeli offensive without U.S. approval would be a “huge mistake,” Fetterman staunchly defended Israel’s right to take action against Hamas.

He emphasized that Hamas bore responsibility for civilian casualties due to their tactics of using Palestinian lives as shields. Fetterman’s stance on Israel has set him apart as one of the Senate’s most vocal allies of the country, distancing him from some of his Democratic colleagues.

The departure of key communication staffers coincides with internal tensions within Fetterman’s office, as revealed by an office-wide email addressing social media sharing policies that diverged from Fetterman’s positions.

The email emphasized the importance of presenting a united front, particularly in light of ongoing conflicts involving Israel and Gaza. Fetterman has faced criticism over his pro-Israel stance but remains steadfast in his support, emphasizing the need to stand with Israel during challenging times.