Accountability Dawns: Consequences for Those Who Enabled Trump’s Deceit

Column: Justice is finally coming to some of the liars and cheats who enabled Trump

The trajectory of justice, often described as a long arc bending towards the right, appears to be inching closer to its destination. Recent developments, including the removal of Ronna McDaniel, the potential disbarment of John Eastman, and Kari Lake’s retreat in a defamation lawsuit, signal a moment of accountability.

The path to this reckoning has been protracted, leaving some impatient for swifter justice. Nonetheless, the downfall of McDaniel, the legal actions against Eastman and Lake, and the imprisonment of Peter Navarro, a once loyal Trump ally, offer a welcome measure of accountability.

Perhaps the repercussions faced by these individuals will deter others from attempting to subvert a fair election, thereby safeguarding democratic values.

While their actions differ, they all trace back to Donald Trump’s falsehood about the 2020 election outcome. McDaniel, during her tenure at the Republican National Committee, not only propagated Trump’s lie but also pressured officials in Michigan to delay certifying Biden’s victory. Her subsequent dismissal from NBC reflected a necessary step in revoking a platform from a known purveyor of misinformation.

Trump (Credits: Common Dreams)

Eastman, similarly, faced consequences for his involvement in devising a scheme to overturn the election results, leading to a recommendation for his disbarment. This punishment, though some may consider it insufficient, reflects the severity of his actions in undermining the democratic process.

Navarro’s incarceration serves as a stark reminder of the repercussions of involvement in attempts to disrupt the peaceful transition of power.

Then there is Kari Lake, whose retreat in a defamation lawsuit underscores the consequences of perpetuating falsehoods about election fraud.

Despite these reckonings, the orchestrator of much of this turmoil, Donald Trump, has yet to face criminal charges. However, with impending legal proceedings, including a case regarding hush money paid to Stormy Daniels, there is a glimmer of hope for accountability at the highest level.

As the legal process unfolds, it is imperative for voters to exercise their judgment at the polls, delivering a resounding verdict on Trump’s actions. In the meantime, there is solace in witnessing some measure of accountability for those who facilitated his misconduct.

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