GOP Representative Turner Expects ‘Overwhelming Support’ for Ukraine Aid in Congress

GOP Rep. Turner: Ukraine Aid Will Have ‘Overwhelming Support’ in Congress

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Representative Mike Turner (R-OH) expressed confidence that increased funding for Ukraine will garner strong bipartisan support in Congress during an appearance on CBS’s “Face The Nation” on Sunday.

During the interview, Turner emphasized the urgent need for continued support for Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression. He underscored the significance of the conflict as a battle between authoritarianism and democracy, highlighting the brutality and deadly nature of Russia’s actions. Turner praised Speaker Johnson’s vocal support for Ukraine, both publicly and in direct communication with Ukrainian President Zelensky and NATO Secretary General.

Addressing plans for congressional action, Turner confirmed Speaker Johnson’s intention to prioritize a vote on Ukraine aid upon Congress’s return. He expressed confidence that the measure would enjoy overwhelming support in Congress, following recent passage of federal government funding bills.

GOP Representative Turner Expects 'Overwhelming Support' for Ukraine Aid in Congress
GOP Representative Turner Expects ‘Overwhelming Support’ for Ukraine Aid in Congress (Credits: AP News)

When questioned about potential modifications to the legislation, Turner acknowledged ongoing discussions, particularly regarding the structure of non-military humanitarian aid and considerations related to border security. However, he reiterated confidence in reaching a negotiated package that would be acceptable to both chambers of Congress and the White House.

In response to inquiries about the timeline for passing the aid package, Turner stressed the urgency of the situation, echoing concerns expressed by President Zelensky and intelligence officials about the critical juncture in the conflict. He emphasized the need to prevent Russian President Putin from achieving further gains in Ukraine, citing warnings from European allies about the broader implications of allowing Putin’s aggression to go unchecked.

Turner expressed hope that Congress could pass the aid package before its scheduled break in late April, emphasizing the need to bolster Ukrainian morale and military capabilities to counter Russian aggression effectively.

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