Pro-Palestinian Protestors Target Attendees at Biden Fundraiser, Escalating Harassment and Antisemitic Rhetoric

Pro-Palestinian protestors targeted attendees leaving a reelection fundraiser for President Joe Biden in New York City, as captured in social media videos. One video depicted a man wearing a keffiyeh hurling derogatory slurs at a Jewish woman while another woman in a hijab followed, berating her for supporting Israel. The harassment escalated with insults and threats directed at the woman.

The fundraiser, attended by former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, alongside celebrities like Stephen Colbert and Lizzo, took place at Radio City Music Hall. Outside, protestors voiced opposition to the U.S. and Israel, chanting slogans against both nations and expressing support for Hamas, the militant group in Gaza. They condemned President Biden’s stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict, accusing the U.S. of backing “genocide” against Palestinians.

Protestors specifically targeted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, vowing retribution for alleged crimes against Gaza. Chants of “Israel bombs, USA pays” echoed through the streets.

This incident reflects a broader trend of rising antisemitic incidents across North America, particularly since the outbreak of hostilities between Israel and Hamas. Reports indicate a significant increase in attacks targeting Jewish individuals, often linked to anti-Israel protests that turn violent.

The rise in antisemitic attacks has been particularly concerning, with a reported 700% increase in incidents targeting Jewish students. These attacks coincide with anti-Israel demonstrations, underscoring the need for heightened awareness and measures to combat hate crimes and discrimination targeting Jewish communities.

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