Internal Republican Conflicts Benefit Democrats

House GOP (Credits: The Conversation)

As we observe the recent developments within the Republican Party, it’s tempting to apply a Sherlock Holmes-style deduction, as famously stated in Conan Doyle’s short story, The Sign of the Four: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Let’s start by addressing the impossible scenarios before delving into the improbable. It’s impossible to believe that the current wave of self-proclaimed America First leaders and their supporters genuinely adhere to the following notions.

Firstly, it’s implausible that they believe Republicans can secure victories in statewide elections by deriding and distancing themselves from nearly half of registered Republican voters, often labeled as RINOs.

It should be evident, or at least researched, that in Arizona, electing Democrat governors has been a trend for 50 years (6 out of 11) or choosing moderate Republicans (Mecham, Symington, Hull, Brewer, Ducey). Whenever a gubernatorial candidate aligning with America First principles is nominated, the outcome favors a Democrat governor.

House GOP members (Credits: CNN)

Secondly, it’s improbable that they genuinely subscribe to the idea of a Uniparty, suggesting no difference between Republicans and Democrats and advocating for their wholesale replacement. The truth is that there exists a substantial disparity between the two parties.

At the state legislative level, a simple examination of bills proposed by Democrats, which, with Hobbs’ endorsement, could become law if Democrats gain legislative control, showcases this difference. Similarly, arguing that there’s no contrast between Symington and Napolitano or Ducey and Hobbs is unreasonable at the gubernatorial level.

America First Republicans (Credits:

Thirdly, it’s unlikely they are unaware of the imminent risk of losing the Republican majority in both chambers of the legislature. Merely flipping two seats in each chamber would hand Democrats control.

Democrats are vigorously pursuing these flips, while America First Republicans are predominantly focused on opposing, criticizing, and causing discord among fellow Republicans. Having dismissed the impossible, let’s explore what remains—the improbable, which is likely the truth.

As improbable as it may seem, there is evidence suggesting that specific disruptors are engaged in a meticulously planned, well-coordinated campaign against Republican Party members they disfavor. This phenomenon isn’t confined to Arizona but extends to several other states.

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