Caitlyn Jenner & Tyrese Gibson Slam President Biden for Recognizing Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter

Caitlyn Jenner & Tyrese Gibson Criticize President Biden For Celebrating Transgender Day Of Visibility On Easter

Caitlyn Jenner and Tyrese Gibson have both criticized President Joe Biden for his acknowledgment of Transgender Day of Visibility coinciding with Easter, calling it a misstep in respecting the religious significance of the holiday.

Jenner, a prominent figure in the transgender community who transitioned in 2015, expressed her dismay over Biden’s decision, particularly as he identifies as a devout Catholic. Taking to social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) on March 30, the 74-year-old voiced her discontent, stating, “I am absolutely disgusted that Joe Biden has declared the most Holy of Holy days as Transgender Day of Visibility. The only thing you should be declaring on this day is ‘He is Risen.'”

Social media users quickly pointed out what they saw as inconsistency, highlighting Jenner’s previous celebration of Transgender Day of Visibility in 2017.

Grammy-winning artist Tyrese also joined in the criticism, although Biden did not establish the holiday himself. The Transgender Day of Visibility was initiated over a decade ago by Rachel Crandall Crocker, co-founder of Transgender Michigan. Despite this, Tyrese publicly called for an apology from President Biden for the timing of the declaration, coinciding with Easter.

President Biden, in his declaration, emphasized the importance of recognizing transgender Americans as integral members of society, deserving of equal rights and freedoms. He underscored their contributions to various spheres of American life, from community service to military service, and stressed their entitlement to live authentically.

The convergence of Transgender Day of Visibility with Easter stirred controversy, with critics like Jenner and Tyrese arguing that it detracted from the religious significance of the holiday.

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