Maryland Governor Dismisses Republican Complaints About ‘DEI’ Regarding Bridge Collapse: ‘Frankly, I Do Not Have Time for It’

Maryland Governor Wes Moore (Credits: Fox News)

Maryland Governor Wes Moore swiftly dismissed Republicans’ allegations linking the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies.

Following the tragic incident that claimed six lives when a cargo ship collided with the bridge’s pillars, some conservative critics, including Utah State Rep. Phil Lyman, blamed DEI policies championed by Governor Moore and Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott for the collapse.

During an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday’s State of the Union, Governor Moore described Lyman’s remarks as “foolishness.” He emphasized his focus on addressing the aftermath of the bridge collapse, asserting that he had no time for such baseless accusations. When directly asked if the criticism had racist undertones, Governor Moore declined to entertain the notion.

Maryland Governor (Credits: MSN)

Bash highlighted Mayor Scott’s response to similar accusations, where he suggested that critics lacked the courage to use racial slurs directly. However, Governor Moore reiterated his commitment to prioritizing the needs of affected families, first responders, and the community.

He emphasized his determination to facilitate recovery efforts and rebuild the Key Bridge, dismissing distractions from the task. In response to Bash’s inquiry about whether the criticism amounted to racism, Governor Moore reiterated his unwavering focus on addressing the immediate challenges of the bridge collapse.

Governor Moore (Credits: New York Post)

He emphasized the importance of supporting affected families and ensuring the swift restoration of critical infrastructure, reiterating that he is focused on addressing pressing concerns.

Governor Moore’s steadfast commitment to addressing the fallout from the bridge collapse underscores his dedication to serving the people of Maryland. Amidst attempts to politicize the tragedy, he remains resolute in his mission to provide relief and support to those affected, prioritizing the well-being of his constituents above all else.