Hearing Scheduled for Implementation of Paid Public Parking in Saratoga Springs

seasonal paid parking for visitors (Credits: Times Union)

Democratic Commissioner of Public Works Jason Golub is set to conduct a public hearing on Tuesday regarding the final draft of his long-awaited legislation, aiming to introduce an additional revenue stream for the city.

The proposed legislation requires visitors to pay $2 per hour for parking between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Golub clarified in an interview with WAMC that street parking would remain accessible for all individuals.

Golub highlighted the program’s potential benefits, stating that even a scaled-down version could generate millions of dollars in new revenue. He emphasized that This revenue would be instrumental in funding various city initiatives, including constructing a third fire station, establishing a homeless shelter, and improving infrastructure.

Saratoga parking (Credits: The Daily Gazette)

Under the proposed plan, city residents and downtown business employees would be eligible for free parking passes, with ticket forgiveness offered to qualifying individuals. Todd Shimkus, President of the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, expressed support for the final draft, noting that parking would remain free for nine months out of the year, from Labor Day to Memorial Day.

During a pre-agenda meeting, Democratic Commissioner of Finance Minita Sanghvi commended Golub’s approach, highlighting that neighboring cities like Schenectady, Troy, and Albany already implement paid parking regardless of residency.

Golub also outlined plans to offer Saratoga Springs City School District residents free and discounted parking rates. However, he emphasized that the primary focus would remain on serving Saratoga Springs residents.

Todd Shimkus, President of the Saratoga County (Credits: Frank J. Kenny/YouTube)

The DPW estimates that the program could generate approximately $1.6 million in revenue in its first year, with a remarkable portion earmarked for reinvestment in the city.

Addressing concerns about unhoused residents, Golub emphasized the importance of funding initiatives to support them. He sees the parking program revenue as an opportunity to make noticeable strides in addressing homelessness and funding a long-term shelter without increasing taxes.

While the Saratoga Springs Downtown Business Association did not comment, Golub remains committed to leveraging the parking program’s revenue to address pressing community needs and enhance the city’s universal quality of life.

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