Reince Priebus Criticizes NBC for ‘Huge Failure’ Regarding Ronna McDaniel Incident

Ronna McDaniel (Credits: The Washington Post)

Former RNC chair Reince Priebus criticized NBC News on Sunday, labeling their handling of The Washington Post’s hiring and firing as a “huge failure.” Ronna McDaniel resigned as the head of the RNC on March 8, but her move to join NBC News as a contributor quickly turned into a media controversy.

Her contract with NBC was terminated shortly after amid backlash from employees. Speaking on “This Week,” Priebus, an ABC contributor, highlighted what he saw as NBC’s misstep in the hiring process.

“The issue with Ronna is glaring to me. As someone in a similar role, I’ve never been hired without meeting with management, doing interviews, and clarifying expectations before signing a contract,” Priebus explained.

Former RNC chair Reince Preibus (Credits: Fox News)

“The fundamental problem is that management didn’t engage with McDaniel before finalizing the contract. That’s a big failure in my view,” he added. Former Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Donna Brazile refrained from commenting directly on McDaniel’s firing.

“I didn’t understand the hiring process, so I have little to say. However, I’ve enjoyed my time on shows like this and cable television,” Brazile remarked, offering well wishes to McDaniel.

NBC faced severe criticism after terminating McDaniel’s contract just one week after proudly announcing her hiring as a paid analyst. The fallout included harsh rebukes from NBC’s talent, media critics, and prominent Democrats.

Ronna McDaniel (Credits: The Hollywood Reporter)

McDaniel is now seeking a total of $600,000 from her contract. The incident further eroded Republicans’ and conservatives’ trust in NBC News and the media.

A former high-ranking MSNBC executive noted a deepening divide between NBC/MSNBC anchors and executives, suggesting a breakdown of trust between talent and management within the organization.