Martin Short Becoming Mayor of Funner, California

Martin Short to Be Inaugurated as Mayor of Funner, California

Oliver Putnam is poised to step into the role of mayor in Funner, California, following in the footsteps of Sazz Pataki.

The latest addition to the lineup of comedic talent taking the helm in this small town is Martin Short, known for his roles in “Only Murders in the Building” and a plethora of other comedic ventures. Short joins the esteemed ranks of past officials such as Rob Riggle, David Hasselhoff, and Jane Lynch, his co-star in the popular Hulu series.

In a spirited statement, Short expressed his commitment to his new role, stating, “As the mayor-elect of Funner, I promise to be more than just a spokesperson dressed in purple from head-to-toe, but instead, the best mayor in the whole darn state.” He eagerly anticipates sharing his vision for the town, particularly in enhancing the already vibrant atmosphere of Harrah’s Resort SoCal, with his constituents in the coming weeks.

Martin Short
Martin Short (Credits: Dailymail)

Funner, a town synonymous with excitement and entertainment, was officially christened by the Rincon Tribe in August 2016. Since then, it has remained dedicated to fostering enjoyment in every aspect of its community life.

As a member of Funner’s governing body, Short will collaborate with the city council, led by Jill Barrett, the senior vice president and general manager of Harrah’s Resort SoCal, to further amplify the town’s fun quotient as its fourth mayor.

Short’s inauguration is scheduled for May 13, during which he will receive the symbolic key to Funner and reveal his ambitious plans for the city’s future. As part of the ceremony, he will also pledge to uphold the values of fun, laughter, and positivity, safeguarding them from any forces that seek to dampen the town’s joyful spirit.

Martin Short embarks on a new adventure, campaigning to bring his brand of humor and enthusiasm to the office of mayor in Funner, California.