Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Scheduled for Hernia Surgery

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to undergo hernia surgery

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently in recovery following successful hernia surgery on Sunday, as confirmed by a spokesperson from the hospital where the procedure took place.

The discovery of the hernia occurred during a routine checkup, prompting Netanyahu’s office to schedule the surgery. The prime minister underwent full anesthesia for the procedure.

During a news briefing on Sunday, Netanyahu expressed gratitude to those who had reached out to him after his diagnosis. He assured the public of his determination to undergo treatment successfully and return to his duties swiftly, stating, “I promise you that I will go through this treatment successfully and will be back in action very quickly.”

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu (Credits: Reuters)

Justice Minister Yariv Levin, a close confidant of Netanyahu who also serves as deputy prime minister, assumed the role of acting prime minister during the operation, as announced by the prime minister’s office.

The director of the surgical department, who was part of the team responsible for Netanyahu’s surgery, provided an update on the prime minister’s condition, stating that the procedure went as expected. According to Hadar Elboim, a spokesperson for Hadassah hospital, Netanyahu is awake, recovering, and engaging with his family.

Netanyahu, aged 74, has maintained a busy schedule throughout Israel’s recent conflict with Hamas, with his doctors affirming his overall good health. However, it was disclosed last year that he had concealed a longstanding heart issue, which was addressed with the implantation of a pacemaker.