GOP Representative Tim Walberg Proposes Gaza Be Treated ‘Similar to Nagasaki and Hiroshima’

GOP Rep. Tim Walberg suggests Gaza should be handled ‘like Nagasaki and Hiroshima’

Rep. Tim Walberg, a Republican from Michigan, stirred controversy by suggesting that the conflict in Gaza should conclude swiftly, akin to the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima during World War II. He voiced opposition to sending humanitarian aid to Gaza amidst Israel’s ongoing war with Hamas.

Walberg’s remarks were made at a town hall meeting in Dundee, Michigan, where he emphasized the need for expedited resolutions to conflicts in both Israel and Ukraine, without endangering American troops. He clarified later that his intent was to minimize civilian casualties by ending wars promptly.

Criticism swiftly followed Walberg’s comments, with fellow Michigan politicians, including Democrats like Rep. Haley Stevens and State Sen. Darrin Camilleri, condemning his remarks. Former Rep. Justin Amash, a Palestinian American Republican, denounced Walberg’s indifference to human suffering, particularly among Palestinians. Additionally, Democratic Rep. Dan Kildee and Rep. Hillary Scholten labeled Walberg’s remarks as shocking and indefensible, with Scholten urging him to retract and apologize.

Tim Walberg
Tim Walberg (Credits: The New York Times)

Beyond Michigan, national politicians like Rep. Chris Deluzio from Pennsylvania and Rep. Andy Kim from New Jersey also condemned Walberg’s remarks, describing them as horrific, inhumane, and disgraceful. Dawud Walid, executive director of CAIR-MI, a Muslim civil rights group, criticized Walberg’s suggestion as tantamount to advocating genocide. Walid emphasized the devaluation of Palestinian lives implicit in such rhetoric and called for condemnation from all Americans who uphold human rights and international law.

The broader context of Walberg’s comments includes the Biden administration’s plan to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza via a floating dock, aiming to address the enclave’s dire humanitarian situation exacerbated by Israel’s prolonged military campaign against Hamas. As the death toll in Gaza surpasses 32,000 and the humanitarian crisis deepens, the debate over U.S. aid to the region intensifies, with Walberg’s remarks adding fuel to the already contentious issue.

Walberg’s controversial statement reflects a broader debate over U.S. policy towards Gaza amidst ongoing conflict in the region. His call for swift resolution drew condemnation from both within Michigan and across the nation, highlighting deep divisions over the humanitarian crisis and appropriate diplomatic responses to the conflict.

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