Temporary Route to Port of Baltimore to Be Opened Following Key Bridge Collapse

Key Bridge Collapse (Credits: NBC4 Washington)

Authorities have initiated steps to create a temporary channel near the site of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in an effort to reestablish maritime activities at the Port of Baltimore. This new passage, located on the northeast side of the original channel, aims to facilitate the movement of essential commercial ships into Baltimore.

Capt. On Sunday, David O’Connell, leading the Key Bridge Response, announced that this development is crucial for maintaining marine traffic.

Baltimore Bridge (Credits: RNZ)

The introduction of this alternate route marks a strategic move towards the gradual reopening of the main channel. The process began with demolition teams employing crane barges to dismantle parts of the fallen bridge structure.

The tragic incident last Tuesday, which resulted in the collapse of the bridge following a collision with a vessel that had lost power, is believed to have led to the death of six construction workers. To date, the recovery efforts have located two of the six individuals.

Baltimore bridge collapse (Credits: NBC10 Philadelphia)

This unforeseen event has disrupted the flow of traffic and shipping. Serving as a vital conduit for over 34,000 vehicles daily last year, according to Transportation Department figures, the Key Bridge’s collapse poses a considerable challenge.

The Port of Baltimore acknowledged as a vital hub for imports and exports and standing as the 10th largest U.S. port for dry bulk goods, is now grappling with managing this interruption while endeavors to fully restore access are underway.