Nevada Legislators Mentioned in Election Denial Report Retract Previous Statements

Nevada lawmaker (Credits: The Nevada Independent)

Two Nevada legislators previously identified in a report denying the legitimacy of the 2020 election results have shifted their stance. The report, released in March by States United Action, a group focusing on election law, tagged state Sen. Jeff Stone and Assemblyman Ken Gray as individuals who denied the election’s outcome, claiming former President Donald Trump was the rightful winner.

This claim came despite substantial evidence confirming President Joe Biden‘s victory, including in Nevada. The report, which labeled over 201 legislators across seven key states as “Election Deniers,” suggested these individuals could endanger the integrity of future elections through legislative actions or by spreading misinformation.

Nevada lawmakers (Credits: The Nevada Independent)

In response to the allegations, Stone, who was associated with a social media post questioning the election’s integrity, clarified his position in an interview with The Nevada Independent.

He acknowledged isolated incidents of fraud but questioned their scale and impact on the election’s outcome. Despite his prior post suggesting a conspiracy against Trump, Stone now indicates that, after reviewing evidence, he does not believe fraud outstandingly influenced the election results.

Gray, who had publicly claimed the election was “stolen” during a 2022 campaign rally, also moderated his stance in light of the report. He doubts widespread conspiracy theories but maintains concerns over the election process’s credibility.

Nevada’s new legislature (Credits: CNN)

Specifically, Gray highlighted a glitch on a state website as an example of issues undermining public trust in the electoral system. Despite his earlier claims, Gray now advocates for systemic reforms to restore confidence in Nevada’s elections.

Both lawmakers had proposed legislation in 2023 to address election-related crimes and irregularities, although these measures did not pass in the state’s Democrat-majority legislature. Their efforts underline a broader call to reinforce faith in the electoral process and encourage voter participation amid growing skepticism.

This adjustment in narrative among some Nevada legislators reflects the ongoing debate over the 2020 election’s legitimacy and its broader implications for electoral trust and democratic engagement in the United States.

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