Vulgar and Homophobic Republican Legislator Seeks Position in Missouri State Senate

Chuck Basye (Credits: Columbia Daily Tribune)

Chuck Basye, a former Missouri state representative notorious for his history of hurling anti-LGBTQ+ insults and slurs at fellow politicians and citizens, has launched a bid for higher office in the state.

Basye, a Republican who served four terms in the Missouri House of Representatives, officially filed on Tuesday to run for a seat in the state Senate. Despite facing backlash for his use of profane and homophobic language on social media and in private messages, Basye remains unapologetic and shows no intention of changing his behavior.

Chuck Basye (Credits: Kansas City Star)

In an interview with the Missouri Independent, Basye stated firmly that he is comfortable speaking his mind in the manner he does and intends to continue doing so without reservation.

Basye’s Facebook profile prominently features an image of a dog’s anus, humorously reimagined as a campaign ad for President Joe Biden.

State Rep. Chuck Basye (Credits: STLPR)

His latest target is his opponent for the state senate, Democrat Stephen Webber. Basye has resorted to accusing Webber, a former state representative and former Chair of the Missouri Democratic Party, of being gay, launching a barrage of insults and slurs against him.

Despite criticism for his divisive and offensive rhetoric, Basye seems undeterred in his pursuit of political office, raising concerns among many in Missouri’s political sphere.