Enid, Oklahoma Voters Remove City Council Member Linked to White Nationalism

Voters in Enid (Credits: PBS)

In the city of Enid, located in northwest Oklahoma, voters made a decisive move by recalling a city council member linked to White nationalism, based on the latest figures from the Oklahoma Election Board.

After tallying votes from all four precincts in Ward 1, it was clear that the community chose Cheryl Patterson over the incumbent, Judd Blevins. Patterson, a grandmother and a respected youth leader within her church community, will take over the position.

Enid city commissioner (Credits: KOKH)

Blevins, who served in the Iraq War, had won his seat the previous year despite controversy surrounding his affiliations with White nationalist organizations.

He openly confirmed during a recent community forum that he had participated in the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. He had connections to Identity Evropa, a group known for its White supremacist ideology, which has since disbanded.

Judd Blevins (Credits: Fox 23)

During the forum, when questioned about his participation in the rally and his links to Identity Evropa, Blevins defended his actions by citing concerns over immigration, border security, and what he perceives as widespread anti-White sentiment in the media and entertainment sectors—issues he believes were central to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential victory.

Connie Vickers and Nancy Presnall, two lifelong Enid residents and friends, initiated the campaign to recall Blevins. Both women, identifying as Democrats, embarked on this effort in a county that leans Republican, with GOP registered voters outnumbering Democrats by nearly four to one. Their successful campaign reflects a community standing together to challenge and reject ideologies that do not represent their values.