Trump Campaign and RNC See Fundraising Surge in March, Reaching $65.6 Million Triple Previous Amount

Trump campaign, RNC triple fundraising in March to $65.6 million

Former U.S. President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced on Wednesday that their election campaign amassed a staggering $65.6 million in March, marking a significant surge compared to the previous month’s fundraising efforts.

The notable increase in funds underscores the intense competition for financial backing, particularly as the November 5 election draws nearer. Trump’s campaign has often found itself trailing behind Democrat Joe Biden’s fundraising endeavors, a trend that has persisted throughout the election cycle.

The spike in March’s fundraising for Trump coincided with the departure of former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley from the Republican nomination race early in the month. This shift seemingly bolstered support and financial contributions to Trump’s campaign.

Trump (Credits: ABC News)

While specific figures for Biden’s fundraising in March have yet to be disclosed, reports indicate a notable achievement with a single high-profile event in late March, reportedly raking in over $25 million.

The financial landscape provides intriguing insights into the strategies and strengths of each campaign. Trump’s combined efforts with the RNC culminated in a robust cash reserve of over $93.1 million by the end of March, demonstrating a formidable financial position.

Comparatively, Biden’s campaign had accumulated a significant war chest of over $155 million by the end of February, reflecting the enduring momentum of his fundraising activities.

Looking ahead, Trump’s campaign is gearing up for another significant fundraising push with a target of $33 million set for an upcoming fundraiser scheduled for April 6, according to a source familiar with the Republican plans.

The context surrounding fundraising in U.S. elections highlights broader trends and historical patterns. Over the years, Democratic candidates have consistently outpaced their Republican counterparts in fundraising efforts, although financial supremacy doesn’t always translate into electoral victory. This was evidenced in Trump’s 2016 triumph over Hillary Clinton, despite her commanding fundraising advantage.

As the race intensifies, both Biden and Trump are poised for a closely contested rematch, as indicated by recent opinion polls. A Wall Street Journal poll released on Wednesday suggests that Trump holds a lead over Biden in six battleground states, setting the stage for a fiercely contested electoral showdown.

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