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Alyssa Farah Griffin: RFK Jr. Is More Than an Anti-Vaxxer, He’s a Deceptive Manipulator

Alyssa Farah Griffin: RFK Jr. Isn’t Just an Anti-Vaxxer, He’s a Gaslighting Fraud

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. seems poised to navigate his way through the upcoming 2024 presidential race employing a strategy of manipulation and misdirection.

In a recent interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, Kennedy was pressed about concerns regarding Donald Trump’s impact on democracy. Surprisingly, Kennedy responded by suggesting that President Biden posed a greater threat, alleging that Biden was leveraging the federal government to stifle political speech and silence his adversaries.

Predictably, this assertion was met with both outrage and ridicule. Kennedy later attempted to backtrack during an interview with NewsNation, claiming that he was merely suggesting he could make such an argument, rather than endorsing it outright.

However, even this attempted clarification rings hollow and disingenuous. It appears to stem from a personal grudge, as Kennedy still seems resentful over the suspension of his Instagram account in 2021 due to the dissemination of misleading public health information, which was flagged by Biden administration officials to Meta.

Alyssa Farah Griffin

Alyssa Farah Griffin (Credits: ABC News)

Interestingly, Trump himself had a history of pressuring tech platforms during his presidency to censor content he disagreed with. There are documented instances of Trump and his allies attempting to suppress critical content, a stark contrast to Kennedy’s claims.

Moreover, the genuine threat to democracy lies in Trump’s actions. Trump actively sought to undermine the democratic process by contesting the election results and inciting the violent attack on Congress to disrupt the certification of the election. His efforts to coerce public officials into subverting the election further underscore the severity of the situation.

Despite being aware of these realities, Kennedy seems intent on playing a dangerous game, attempting to court support from both ends of the political spectrum while evading accountability for his extreme positions.

Kennedy’s tactics of distortion and evasion mirror those employed by Trump, who has notoriously denied past actions and statements when politically expedient. Kennedy’s history as a vocal vaccine skeptic further highlights his willingness to manipulate facts to suit his agenda.

Despite his staunch anti-vaccine rhetoric, Kennedy shamelessly denies ever advocating against vaccination when questioned, showcasing a blatant disregard for truth.

Kennedy’s calculated approach to the presidential race underscores his potential to disrupt the status quo. With national polls indicating around 10 percent support for his candidacy, he could prove to be a significant third-party contender, reminiscent of Ross Perot’s impact in 1996.

Both the Biden and Trump camps are wary of Kennedy’s potential to sway the election in unexpected ways. Efforts to portray him as an extremist aligned with either the right or left are underway, highlighting the uncertainty surrounding his influence.

With enough signatures to appear on the ballot in critical swing states and a concerted push to secure his candidacy, Kennedy’s presence in the race threatens to further complicate an already contentious electoral landscape.

In a pivotal election where the future of democracy hangs in the balance, it is clear that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. poses a significant challenge, regardless of whether Biden or Trump emerges as the primary target of his influence.

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