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‘Civil War’ Actors Reject Media Speculation Linking Film’s Fascist President to Trump

Civil War' stars (Credits: Fox News)

Nick Offerman and Kristen Dunst, key figures in the eagerly anticipated movie “Civil War,” alongside director Alex Garland, clarified that the portrayal of a U.S. president with fascistic ambitions in their film does not draw from Donald Trump or the current political rifts.

The narrative, set against a backdrop where the president seeks an unconstitutional third term, ignites a standoff involving Texas and California.

During discussions, particularly at the SXSW Film and TV Festival, reporters probed whether Trump’s contested 2020 election stance influenced the film’s plot. Portraying the contentious president, Offerman refuted such parallels, emphasizing the movie’s detachment from real-life political figures or situations.

Donald Trump (Credits: The Intercept)

He praised the script for its broad appeal, suggesting it transcends political division by not leaning into easy caricatures or allusions to recent events. His perspective is that the film, rather than being a commentary on divisiveness, offers a universally relevant caution against the march toward conflict.

Dunst, taking on the role of a journalist within the story, echoed this sentiment in her conversations with “Variety.” She hesitated to draw lines connecting her co-star’s role to Trump, viewing the character as a generic authoritarian figure rather than a depiction of any specific individual.

Trump (Credits: NPR)

She highlighted the movie’s aim to foster dialogue without tipping its hand toward any political ideology. According to Dunst, “Civil War” is structured more as an anti-war narrative than a political polemic, designed to engage audiences in reflection rather than sway them in any particular direction.

Garland’s direction and the actors’ portrayals craft a story set in a fictionalized America where the threat of internal conflict looms large. Yet, the creators are clear in their intention to avoid making direct references to real-world politics or politicians.

Instead, they aspire to create a cinematic experience that resonates with viewers across the political spectrum, prompting a reconsideration of the paths that lead to division and strife.

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