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Ted Cruz Criticizes Democrats as ‘Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys’ Regarding Israel-Hamas Situation

Ted Cruz Calls Democrats ‘Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys’ Over Israel-Hamas

In a recent podcast episode of “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, lambasted members of the Democratic Party, labeling them as “cheese-eating surrender monkeys.” This remark emerged during a discussion about President Biden’s approach to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Cruz accused Biden of taking a hard stance against Israel, claiming that the White House was undermining and abandoning the Middle Eastern nation. He further criticized Democratic members of Congress for enabling this perceived abandonment.

The Biden administration has increasingly urged Israel to take measures to minimize civilian casualties in its conflict with Hamas. A notable incident was the killing of seven aid workers in a Gaza airstrike on April 1, which the White House deemed “unacceptable” in a readout of a call between Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Senator Chuck Schumer, a Democrat from New York and the Senate Majority Leader, previously suggested that Netanyahu was hindering peace efforts and advocated for a new election in Israel.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz (Credits: Newsweek)

Senator Cruz took issue with Biden’s endorsement of a two-state solution post-conflict and with comments made by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on April 3. Jean-Pierre had mentioned “alternative ways to deal with Hamas in Gaza,” prompting Cruz’s criticism on the podcast. He characterized these remarks as signaling weakness to terrorists and mocked Democrats as “pacifistic, appeasing, cheese-eating surrender monkeys.”

The phrase “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” originates from a 1995 episode of “The Simpsons,” where it was aimed at the French. It caricatures the stereotype of the French as quick to surrender during conflicts. While France is indeed a major consumer and producer of cheese, the connection between Democratic Party members and this stereotype remains unclear. Notably, France’s surrender to Germany in World War II has perpetuated this stereotype.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz (Credits: FOX News)

This isn’t the first instance of Cruz employing the phrase to criticize Democrats. He previously used it at the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2022, eliciting laughter. Cruz has a history of invoking “The Simpsons” in his rhetoric, including comparing Democrats to Lisa Simpson and Republicans to other characters. His fondness for the show extends to performing impressions and referencing it in various contexts.

In 2021, Cruz faced backlash for leaving Texas during a winter storm-induced power outage to vacation in Cancun, drawing comparisons to Mayor Joe Quimby from “The Simpsons,” who similarly fled Springfield amid a crisis. Cruz later admitted that his trip was a mistake.

Cruz’s recent use of the “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” insult underscores his staunch support for Israel and his penchant for colorful language in criticizing political opponents, drawing from popular culture references like “The Simpsons.”

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