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Matthew Whitaker to Newsmax: Trump Provided ‘Clear Stance’ on Abortion

Matthew Whitaker, Trump Loyalist (Credits: The New York Post)

Former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker criticized the Democratic Party’s unified stance on abortion access, arguing that it contributes to national division, during his recent appearance on Newsmax’s “Newsline.”

Whitaker, a senior fellow at the American Cornerstone Institute, expressed his views on the post-Dobbs political landscape, emphasizing former President Donald Trump’s position that states should individually decide abortion laws.

Whitaker highlighted a contrast within the bipartisan support on issues like in vitro fertilization (IVF), where Republicans and Democrats find common ground in supporting families wanting children. Despite this, he lamented that abortion remains a deeply divisive issue, one that he feels weakens national unity.

Donald Trump (Credits: Getty Images)

“Protecting life is one of the fundamental pillars of the Republican Party,” Whitaker stated, suggesting that the intense focus on abortion by Democrats not only polarizes the nation but also overshadows their ability to unite on other serious issues.

Florida and Iowa Have Enacted Stricter Measures

He argued that states, rather than the federal government, should have the authority to regulate abortion, given Congress’s struggles with passing even basic legislation like the budget.

Reflecting on the current state-level responses to abortion, Whitaker pointed out the stark differences across the United States. He cited California’s liberal abortion laws, which he described as radical for allowing abortions up until birth—a policy he believes most Americans do not support.

He noted that states like Florida and Iowa have implemented more restrictive measures, such as the six-week heartbeat bills, showcasing a range of approaches that reflect varying local values and beliefs.

Whitaker also addressed the broader constitutional perspective, underscoring that powers not explicitly granted to the federal government revert to the states. This principle, he argued, justifies a state-centric approach to sensitive issues like abortion, allowing for adaptations as medical and political landscapes evolve.

Donald Trump (Credits: PBS)

Beyond abortion, Whitaker critiqued President Joe Biden’s tactics in the lead-up to the 2024 presidential election, particularly concerning student debt relief. He accused Biden of pandering to his base with financial handouts—a strategy he views as an attempt to buy votes.

Whitaker questioned the legality and fairness of using taxpayer money to fund debt relief, especially for degrees he perceives as less marketable, arguing that it unfairly burdens those who do not benefit directly from such policies, like plumbers and electricians who may not have attended college or have already paid off their student loans.

Whitaker’s comments reflect political and ideological divides, underscoring the challenges in addressing contentious issues like abortion and student debt relief in a way that fosters national unity rather than exacerbating division.

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