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Judge Napolitano Tells Newsmax: Trump’s NYC Jury Should Be Unbiased

Judge Napolitano (Credits: Talks on Law)

The initiation of Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial is set to begin with a critical and challenging process: the selection of a jury that can impartially evaluate the case against the former president. Andrew Napolitano, a former judge, shared insights on this phase in an interview with Newsmax’s “American Agenda.”

The judicial team aims to select 12 jurors and four alternates, a task that will commence next Monday. Napolitano highlighted the unique challenges inherent in this process, particularly given Trump’s high-profile status.

“You don’t want people who’ve never heard of him—that means they live on the moon,” he humorously noted, emphasizing the difficulty of finding jurors who are both aware of Trump and yet can remain neutral in their judgments.

Former President Donald Trump (Credits: BBC)

Napolitano explained that in New York, where the trial is taking place, lawyers are allowed extensive interactions with potential jurors.

This process is designed to understand deeply the jurors’ potential biases and their ability to stay objective, regardless of their personal views on Trump. “You want people that can be objective, whether they like him or dislike him,” he stated.

The conversation with potential jurors is crucial, as it helps lawyers gauge whether someone can truly remain impartial or if they might pretend to be objective due to hidden biases.

The goal is to “pierce that veil” of potential prejudice, ensuring that no juror with a specific agenda, whether pro or anti-Trump, is selected. The challenge is immense, given the wide-ranging opinions on Trump and the complexity of the case.

Donald Trump (Credits: CNBC)

In the same interview, Napolitano also commented on a separate issue involving a protester at a University of California, Berkeley event. He discussed the boundaries of free speech, particularly how it applies to private versus public property.

He clarified that while free speech is protected on government property, private property does not afford the same liberties. This came up in relation to an incident where a protester disrupted a university dean’s party with a loudspeaker and microphone—a scenario where, according to Napolitano, the host had every right to stop the disruption.

Napolitano’s insights reflect the intricate nature of legal and constitutional issues in today’s society, from jury selection in high-profile cases to the limits of free speech rights. As the legal proceedings against Trump reveal, the focus on an unbiased jury selection underscores the complexity of administering justice in highly charged political cases.

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