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Cubans Suffer Hunger Due to Their Power-Hungry Regime

Cubans Hungry Amid Economic Crisis (Credits: Al Jazeera)

Cuba finds itself in a tragic paradox: a land brimming with potential yet plagued by hunger. How did a once-prosperous island, renowned for its abundant natural resources and celebrated agricultural products, descend into its current barren state?

Between 1945 and 1953, before Castro’s regime, the UN reported that Cubans enjoyed a daily calorie intake comparable to Germany’s and exceeding that of several other nations, reflecting a period of relative prosperity. Cuba’s industrial and agricultural sectors boasted high wages and affordable food prices, with a half day’s earnings affording a variety of essential goods.

However, today’s reality starkly contrasts with this former prosperity. Cuba grapples with acute food shortages, resorting to rationing for the first time in its history. The regime’s mismanagement and deceitful practices, such as substituting subsidized milk with syrup for children, underscore the depth of the crisis.

Economic crisis in Cuba (Credits: BBC)

Reduced food subsidies and dwindling agricultural production exacerbate the situation, making staple foods like eggs and rice increasingly scarce. The decline in egg and rice production further compounds the nation’s woes, while rampant inflation and a depreciated currency erode purchasing power.

Cubans are disillusioned and hungry, witnessing the collapse of their once-vibrant economy. The root cause lies in decades of misguided policies, regulations, and ideological dogma that have stifled productivity and hindered agricultural innovation.

Despite warnings dating back to 1959, when Manuel Artime cautioned against the perils of communist ideology, Cuba persisted on a path of centralized control and totalitarian rule. The consequences are evident: over 50% of arable land lies fallow, and invasive weeds dominate vast swathes once fertile territory.

Cuba asks UN for help as food shortages worsen (Credits: World Food Program USA)

Cuba’s dependence on food imports underscores the failure of communist policies that have crippled food production wherever they’ve been enforced. Unlike China and Vietnam, which implemented land reforms to bolster agricultural output, Cuba remains reluctant to enact meaningful reforms for fear of undermining its grip on power.

Communism’s stranglehold on Cuba has perpetuated chronic hunger, stripping away the dynamic spirit of its people. Only by dismantling this oppressive system can Cuba reclaim its sovereignty and pave the way for freedom and prosperity.

Until then, Cubans will continue to endure the agony of deprivation, yearning for the day when liberty replaces oppression, and hunger becomes a relic of the past.

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