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MAGA Supporters Start to Worry: Trump’s Place on the Ballot May Be in Jeopardy

Donald Trump. The mere mention of those two words can evoke a range of emotions, from disdain to outright fury. And Trump himself? Well, he’s not one to shy away from stirring up emotions, especially when he finds himself backed into a corner, as he does this week in a Manhattan courtroom.

Facing 10 counts of violating a gag order, Trump’s behavior is symbolic of his inability to rein in his impulses. His emails to supporters are rife with defiant statements like “They can’t keep me off stage,” and “Trump Tower is mine,” peppered with ominous warnings such as “The bloodbath is 24 hours away” and claims of imminent incarceration.

But let’s be real here. Despite his bluster, I still don’t see Trump making it onto the ballot this November. His antics in court this week only underscore why.

Donald Trump (Credits: Britannica)

It’s all part of his calculated strategy to rile up his loyal followers, hoping to galvanize them into action. But beneath the bravado lies a growing fear that Trump is finally facing accountability for his actions.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is making moves on the international stage, announcing the delivery of missiles to Ukraine and signing off on a arms package for the country. These victories come hot on the heels of a major union endorsement, showcasing Biden’s ability to get things done despite the distractions.

Trump’s Mental State Seems to Be Declining with Each Passing Day

While Biden has largely refrained from engaging with Trump, he couldn’t resist a jab this week, labeling Trump a “toxic threat to planet earth.” Trump’s feeble response? Accusing Biden of losing his grip.

But the truth is, Biden seems to be rising to the occasion while Trump falters. This week, the president engaged in some lighthearted banter with reporters, showcasing his wit and charm. When questioned about his legacy on abortion, Biden quipped, “What will your legacy be to be reporting?”

Indeed, while Trump flounders, Biden continues to demonstrate his competence and resilience. And as for Trump’s ongoing legal battles, the Supreme Court is now grappling with his claims of absolute immunity. But let’s not kid ourselves; the conservative-leaning court is unlikely to hand Trump the keys to the kingdom.

In the meantime, Trump’s mental state appears to be deteriorating by the day. Dr. John Gartner, an expert in mental health, warns that we may be witnessing “the best Donald Trump” right now – and it’s all downhill from here. Trump’s cognitive decline, coupled with his narcissism, paints a grim picture for his future.

Donald Trump (Credits: NPR)

As the trial reveals in Manhattan, Trump’s facade of competence is crumbling before our eyes. And if he can’t even hold it together for a single trial, how can he be expected to lead the country for another four years?

Trump’s downfall may come not from his political opponents, but from his own inner demons. And as the reality of his decline becomes increasingly apparent, the question arises: What will become of the Republican Party if Trump is no longer in the picture?

One thing’s for sure: Trump’s days of wielding power and influence may be numbered. And as he faces the consequences of his actions, the world watches with bated breath to see how it all exposed.

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