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Study Shows Nearly 1 in 5 Trump Supporters Prefer Living Where Abortion Is Allowed

Study Shows Nearly 1 in 5 Trump Supporters Prefer Living Where Abortion Is Allowed
Study Shows Nearly 1 in 5 Trump Supporters Prefer Living Where Abortion Is Allowed

The survey conducted by Redfin highlights distinct preferences among likely Trump and Biden voters regarding the characteristics of places they want to live in. For Trump supporters, the desire to live in areas without legal abortion is prevalent, with nearly two-thirds expressing indifference or opposition to residing where abortion is permitted. Conversely, a significant majority of Biden supporters express a preference for living where abortion is legal, indicating a stark contrast in values between the two groups on this issue.

Gender-affirming care for children emerges as a significant consideration for Biden voters, with over 70% expressing a desire to live in places where such care is fully legal. This reflects a strong sentiment among Biden supporters for policies that support LGBTQ rights and inclusivity. In contrast, Trump voters prioritize issues like gun control, with a substantial majority expressing opposition to living in areas with strict gun laws.

Study Shows Nearly 1 in 5 Trump Supporters Prefer Living Where Abortion Is Allowed

Study Shows Nearly 1 in 5 Trump Supporters Prefer Living Where Abortion Is Allowed (Credits: The New York Times)

The survey also sheds light on other preferences among Trump and Biden voters. Biden supporters show a preference for living in racially diverse communities, as well as in cities that provide sanctuary to migrants. Conversely, Trump voters are less inclined towards racial diversity and sanctuary city policies, reflecting differing attitudes towards immigration and multiculturalism.

Rate your willingness to live in a place… Likely Trump Voters Likely Biden Voters Overall
Where abortion is legal
I want to 18% 58% 37%
I don’t want to 35% 9% 22%
With strong gun control laws
I want to 12% 36% 22%
I don’t want to 64% 20% 42%
That has laws ensuring equality based on gender or sexual orientation
I want to 24% 58% 39%
I don’t want to 15% 6% 10%
Where gender affirming care for children is fully legal
I want to 29% 72% 48%
I don’t want to 35% 6% 20%
That has laws allowing discussion of LGBTQ topics in schools
I want to 20% 57% 37%
I don’t want to 29% 8% 18%
With easy access to vote-by-mail
I want to 13% 45% 26%
I don’t want to 52% 11% 31%
Where recreational cannabis/marijuana is fully legal
I want to 12% 47% 26%
I don’t want to 53% 12% 32%
Where there is racial diversity
I want to 26% 60% 41%
I don’t want to 21% 5% 12%
Where there is socioeconomic diversity
I want to 29% 42% 34%
I don’t want to 32% 18% 26%
That is a “sanctuary city” welcome to housing migrants
I want to 23% 59% 41%
I don’t want to 23% 9% 16%

Moreover, the survey indicates that Trump supporters are less receptive to policies promoting gender and sexual orientation equality compared to Biden supporters. This divide underscores the divergent priorities and values of the two political camps, with Biden voters showing stronger support for progressive social policies.

The survey underscores the deep-seated ideological differences between Trump and Biden supporters, extending beyond political preferences to encompass social and cultural values. These disparities are likely to influence not only electoral outcomes but also broader societal debates and policy directions in the United States.

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