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Donald Trump and Kari Lake Display Hypocrisy on Abortion: Will Evangelicals Take Note?

Donald Trump (Credits: CNN)

Social norms and professional expectations has always been a challenge for me. The superficiality of small talk and the idea of ingratiating oneself to those in positions of power leave me feeling disenchanted. While I recognize the utility of “networking up,” I personally find it distasteful.

The oft-repeated notion of treating everyone with equal respect, regardless of their status, is more ideal than reality. In practice, I’ve observed a tendency to accord deference to higher-ups while undervaluing the contributions of blue-collar workers.

This imbalance has affected me professionally, as I struggle to respect individuals whom I perceive as incompetent sycophants.

Donald Trump (Credits: RFI)

In American professional culture, success often equates to material wealth and social status rather than personal integrity or competence. This prioritization of image over substance contributes to a pervasive sense of spiritual emptiness in our society. Sacrificing one’s values for career advancement or societal approval can never fill the void within.

My reflections on figures like Donald Trump, Kari Lake, and Mike Pence underscore the distinction between those who genuinely embody their beliefs and those who merely cultivate a public persona. While I disagree with Pence’s views, I respect his conviction, unlike Trump and Lake, who prioritize self-aggrandizement over principle.

Trump’s manipulation of issues like abortion for political gain exposes the hollowness of his convictions. Similarly, the evangelical movement’s focus on abortion as a rallying cry reflects political expediency rather than genuine moral concern. This instrumentalization of faith undermines its integrity and reveals deeper societal issues.

The disparity between professed beliefs and lived values extends beyond politics, permeating American culture. Authenticity is increasingly rare in a society obsessed with self-promotion and branding.

Republican Kari Lake (Credits: CNN)

My experiences working alongside blue-collar workers at FedEx have reinforced the importance of genuine human connection over superficial image-building.

As a pastor, I advocate for a return to authenticity and moral clarity, challenging individuals to prioritize their beliefs over societal expectations.

Embracing one’s truth and rejecting the allure of self-branding is essential for personal fulfillment and societal progress. Only by reclaiming our authenticity can we transcend the influence of figures like Trump and forge a more genuine society.

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