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Eurovision Star Loreen Expresses Desire to Pen a “Mellow” Song

Eurovision Stars

Loreen isn’t gracing the stage today; instead, she’s holding court with the press, mostly via Zoom, from a hotel room in Sweden.

Nevertheless, she’s decked out in full stage attire: draped in black, with meticulously tousled hair and her signature talons.

Today, those talons measure three inches long and are shaped like icicles, casting sunlight onto the walls.

That level of commitment is what it takes to win Eurovision twice, a feat Loreen accomplished with victories in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 2012 and last year in Liverpool.

Since her triumph last year, her winning entry, Tattoo, has been streamed a staggering 493 million times on Spotify, ranking as the third-biggest Eurovision song of all time.

Eurovision Star

This weekend, Loreen returns to the contest, performing her new song Forever during the grand final, before embarking on an extensive European tour.

Ahead of her performance, she sat down with the BBC to discuss Forever, her attempts at crafting a mundane song, and the protests that have loomed over this year’s contest.

So, you’re back with a new song. Can you share the scoop?

I crafted this song specifically for Eurovision on Saturday. I had a vision in mind for the performance and realized I needed a song to match it.

You hadn’t penned any music at that point?

Exactly. I stepped into the studio with my team, and remarkably, the right chords flowed effortlessly. Then, I picked up the mic, and it was like [makes a pigeon-like cooing noise], “You make me feel like forever”.

And just like that, the song was born.

I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed your pigeon impression.

I’m not sure why I do that! It somehow alters the energy in the room. Sometimes, I make sounds without knowing why.

It’s a great way to convey emotions. When the perfect word eludes you, a sound can capture the aim.

[Loreen coos like a pigeon]

You’ve mentioned that Forever continues the story from Tattoo. Will this narrative thread run through your new album?

Absolutely. My album is set to be a journey. It’ll feature a range of emotions—some tears, some joy. I want it to summarize the full spectrum of feelings. I might even throw in a song that’s so banal that you’d wonder, “What is this?”

What would a mundane Loreen song sound like?

Oh, something devoid of passion or drama.

Can you provide an example? What would a dull day look like for you?

It might involve something like, “Loreen, gather up your receipts, we need to see your accountant.”

Well, The Beatles did have a song called Taxman, so why not?

That’s a brilliant idea! Wouldn’t it be amusing if I had a track on the album titled Tax Return?

And the lyrics could touch on how Eurovision has put you in debt.

I wouldn’t label it an expensive performance, though. More like astronomically pricey!

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Let’s rewind to last year. You arrived in Liverpool having already clinched the Eurovision title once. Did that add pressure to win again, or was it the opposite?

Oh, the pressure is always there. I’m acutely aware that people are investing their time to watch these performances. They’re putting their lives on hold to focus on this singular moment, and not feeling the pressure would be disrespectful. I’m not about to waste people’s time.

How unusual is that? Don’t most artists create music to fulfill their inner desires?

From my perspective, I can create in isolation, but what I create wouldn’t exist without a connection. Everything revolves around that connection.

But, at its core, Eurovision is a competition. How did you feel as the votes rolled in?

I sat there thinking, “I can’t control this. I have to let it come to light.” But let me tell you, the atmosphere in that room was electric. Everyone was on edge, and that tension got to me, too.

The vote was incredibly close. When the results came in, there wasn’t much between you and the Finnish contestant Käärijä. Did you share a hug afterward?

I was actually a bit melancholy when I won—because as I stood up, I wanted to walk over to Käärijä and congratulate him. I knew how he must have felt. Sitting there, you’re incredibly vulnerable. But there were so many people around him that I couldn’t make my way through.

We did speak later. He said, “When are you coming to Finland for a drink?”

After your win, you mentioned your plan to celebrate was by “going to sleep.”

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