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Beecham House Season 2: The Show was Cancelled!

beecham season 2

The Periodic-drama series Beecham House had a dramatic ending in its first season. With John Beecham’s house attacked, it was a pretty violent-cliffhanger season finale. The goons murdered several of his servants and even kidnapped his infant son. All this made the fans get pumped up for the next season. Fans wanted to know in Beecham House Season 2 how it will move forward as John lost a lot, and he needs to find his son soon.

But fans got an unexpected yet dramatic ending regarding the show. The climax which no one seemed coming. After the show got aired in 2019, ITV, the channel which aired Beecham House, officially confirmed that It has no plans for a second season. This killed all of the hopes fans were having regarding the show coming back.

Beecham House: The Story from the 19th century

The show’s timeline is set in the 19th century—the time where East India Company has only started to grow. The story revolves around an Englishman, John Beecham (Played by Tom Bateman), an Ex-East India Company Soldier who left his job to become an independent merchant by moving to Delhi. He starts a family and begun to live for what he wants. But life had some other plans for him.

The show has been created by filmmaker Gurinder Chadha and Paul Mayeda Burges. They initially had plans to make this into a movie where the story is set around when the British Empire’s rule in India was about to end. But due to the time and efforts needed to make this story into a film, both Gurinder and Paul decided to turn it into a TV Series. They have done their resources and have enough material for a unique and entertaining series.

Why Was the Show Cancelled?

This was the exact question the fans wanted to ask the show producers, ITV, when they announced that they are canceling the show. Fans were outraged, and they couldn’t accept that their favorite show would be no longer continued after getting invested in it. The main reason is that the show lacked enough audience viewership compared to other shows airing simultaneously.

Gurinder Chadha thinks that the UK audiences were losing interest in the Historic Drama shows as they are more interested in Reality shows. She also believes that the show successfully impresses the Asian fans as she was getting a lot of appreciation from the show’s Asian viewers. Even though she doesn’t know any officially confirmed Numbers, she was still happy to see Asians were into the show.

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Will there be Beecham House Season 2?

This is still an unanswered question. But there is hope. In the official statement of ITV regarding the show’s cancelation, they mentioned Gurinder Chadha; the show creator is in talks with other broadcasters regarding the show’s continuity. This was enough to make the fans hope for the comeback of the show.

Gurinder had some hopes for the US audience to get interested in the show, and thus she could make a path for the second season for the show. But things didn’t go as well as expected. PBS, the show’s American Broadcasters, confirmed that they also have no plans for Beecham House Season 2 even though viewers loved it.

The only hope is that we may get a second season for the show if other streaming services find the show interesting. But even this possibility has its own hurdles. The biggest among them is the Pandemic. We all know that Pandemic has really affected both Movies and Shows production houses. Many projects were canceled, and many are struggling to sustain them. The contract of Beecham House was released after the show was canceled. Calling back all of the cast after a long period will also be a bit hard as most of the cast members have already entered into other commitments.

Let’s hope that this drama series will make its comeback as soon as possible when it gets platform support. Until then, we can enjoy the first season of the series.

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3 years ago

If they were only going to have one season of Beecham House, one would think they would have had the decency to end it on a happy note rather than a kidnapping and bloody killings. Don’t you think?

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