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Maid Sama Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

maid sama season 2

It says that Love may never end. This is true when it comes to Maid Sama Anime fans. We all know that there are many beautiful anime shows around the world. And if ever a list is made on this, it’s pretty sure that Kaichou wa Maid- Sama, in English known as Maid Sama, will score a top position in the list. Today we will share with you all the details we know so far regarding Maid Sama Season 2.

Like many anime shows, Maid Sama is also not different when it comes to its place of origin. This anime is based upon the manga of the same name, which was brought by Hiro Fujiwara. The first season was released in 2010 April and concluded in September of the same year. But after the conclusion episode, fans expected something announcements regarding the season two announcement, and they are still waiting even after more than ten years.

When we think Maid Sama might look like any other common romantic anime series, but we know that it’s not! We can only convey to someone how good this anime is by showing them the series itself. Then only they could see those different layers involved in the series. After watching this series, any person will say that it is one of the most popular high school anime dramas.

What was the story about?

The all-boys high school is notorious for its rowdy students and its lack of discipline. Whereas in Seika High, the girls only school was recently changed into a co-education school. Ayuzama Misaki gets elected as the first School president. Ayuzama is like a role model to all the girls of the school. Everyone respects her because she wants to make the school a better place for everyone.

The boys are more on the mischievous side of the scale, and they are famous for making mischief. Now that the school also has disobedient boys, Misaki takes it as her responsibility to make the school a better place for girls.

Even though Ayuzama reaches a prevalent position in the school, her life is unfortunate outside the school. She works in a maid cafe called Maid Latte to support her family financially. She also has an ill mother, whom she takes care of. But her miseries in personal life is unknown to everyone, and she is afraid that if anyone figures out regarding her this kind of life. She thinks that if everyone discovers about her misery filled real life, no one will respect her.

maid sama Season 2

But she couldn’t hide this for very long as she bumps into one of the popular boys at school, Usui Takumi, in her maid uniform. She feared that her worst fears would come true after this. But that doesn’t happen, as Takumi didn’t reveal anything about her secrets to anyone. Rather, he uses that as an excuse to come closer to her. The season reached its finale by this part, and since then, fans are questioning what will happen next.

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What are the hopes for Maid Sama Season 2?

The show is currently streaming on Netflix. Recently there was a surge in rumors that a second season is indeed in the works, and it is up for release. Since then, fans are all excited. But the sad news is that the rumor is remaining. Yes, the series may haven’t gone over the top when it comes to the characters’ portrayal. As there is only mainly two characters Ayuzama Misaki and Usui Takumi

Ayuzawa Misaki is a girl who has trust issues towards men. This is because of her terrible childhood memories with her father. Her father abandoned her and her mother, along with considerable debt. This made both her and her mother’s life more miserable. Thus Misaki took the job to support the family. Even at these challenges, she managed to excel herself as a bright student.

Whereas Usui Takumi is a romantic boy who is one of the most popular at school. He is pretty much good at everything. When he discovered about Misaki’s double life, Misaki thought that he would tell that everyone. But, that doesn’t happen as we know.

maid sama season 2

What makes this series unique is the element of realism, which was loved by many fans. Even after a decade later of the first season’s airing, fans are still hoping to see a second season. Various online petitions started against the J.C. studio, the makers of the series, to release another season. To date, there aren’t any announcements made regarding the series return.

The first season had around 26 episodes, and after that, no progress has made with the second season. We will update you whenever there is any news regarding the fan-favorite anime series making a comeback. What are your thoughts regarding the show? Do let us know.

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