Inō no Aicis anime gets Second Season on April 10

The staff of the Inō no Aicis web anime arrangement declared on Tuesday that the anime will have a second season that will make a big appearance on April 10, with new scenes each Saturday. The declaration likewise uncovered two new cast individuals for the subsequent season.

The principal season appeared on YouTube on February 13, and it appeared its 6th scene last Saturday.

The anime is set in the anecdotal Geso ward in Tokyo, a school city where an application called “AICis” is getting well known. The individuals who get the application are given heavenly powers, which they use to seek after their own narrow-minded cravings, prompting numerous events of viciousness and different occurrences. The story centers around a gathering of investigators who tackle cases identified with power wielders.

The anime’s cast incorporates:

Alia is playing out the anime’s initial signature melody “Cutoff,” while Tsuyu is playing out the completion signature tune “Taiyō ni nareru ka na” (Can I Become the Sun?)

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