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“Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet” V4, “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” exceeded 8.3 billion yen

The domestic movie rankings from May 8th to 9th (national weekend box office results, provided by the box office news agency) have been announced. The third state of emergency issued to four prefectures such as Tokyo will be extended from 12th to 31st of this month, with Aichi and Fukuoka newly added to the target area, and movie theaters will continue to be temporarily closed. Meanwhile, “Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet” maintained the top position for four consecutive weeks. In two days on Saturday and Sunday, it mobilized 124,000 people and earned 177 million yen at the box office, and the cumulative mobilization exceeded 4.23 million people and the box office exceeded 5.9 billion yen.

“Rurouni Kenshin Final Chapter The Final” mobilized 107,000 people in two days on Saturday and Sunday and kept second place with a box office of 156 million yen. The cumulative mobilization was 1.65 million and the box office exceeded 2.318 billion yen.

“Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version”, which entered the 9th week of its release, also maintained 3rd place. Cumulative mobilization has exceeded 5.46 million and the box office has exceeded 8.3 billion yen. It has been decided that new visitors’ gifts, which were being prepared for distribution during Golden Week, will be distributed from May 15th.

“Theatrical version” Kimetsu no Yaiba “Infinite Train Edition”, which has entered the 30th week since its release, is ranked 5th. The cumulative mobilization in Japan is 28.9 million people, the box office has exceeded 39.9 billion yen, and the box office has exceeded 40 billion yen, which is less than 100 million yen. “BanG Dream! An episode of Roselia I: Promise” stayed in 10th place.

In the new work released on the 7th, Guy Ritchie’s latest work “The Gentlemen” has started in 4th place, and Jackie Chan’s latest work “Project V” has started in 7th place.

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