The second release of “High Concentration Vitamin C Throat Lozenge Jujutsu Kaisen”

All 17 types of anime scene stickers, tiger cane, Gojo, Fushiguro, and Nailzaki are rare hologram specifications / UHA Mikakuto.

Jujutsu Kaisen x UHA Mikakuto “High Concentration Vitamin C Throat Lozenge Jujutsu Kaisen ” 2nd

On May 17, UHA Mikakuto will release the second “High Concentration Vitamin C Throat Lozenge Jujutsu Kaisen ” with the popular anime ” Jujutsu Kaisen ” sticker. 217 yen including tax. “High concentration of vitamin C throat lozenge ” refers to a bag Vitamin C 300 was 0mg blended candy. In addition to being able to take “1 tablet” of 100 mg ( Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Japanese Dietary Intake Standards 2020 Edition), which is the recommended daily dose for adults, it also contains vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. The taste is a mandarin orange flavor using Satsuma mandarin produced in Wakayama prefecture. The package includes the anime ” Jujutsu Kaisen ” “Kyoto Sister School Exchange Meeting”

I’m using visuals.

The throat lozenge contains one ” Anime Famous Scene Original Sticker ” in one bag. A character sticker appears when you flip the sticker on the upper layer, and there are 17 types in total. Among them ” Japanese knotweed YuHitoshi ” (Polygonum cuspidatum Yuji), ” Megumi Fushiguro ” (Fushiguro Megumi ), ” Kugisaki ‘Roses ” (Kugisaki ‘ Roses ), ” Satoru Gojo four” (Satoru Gojo), the hologram of the specification Rare seal.

Jujutsu Kaisen High Concentration Vitamin C Throat Lozenge ” Anime Famous Scene Original Sticker ” (17 types in total)

It should be noted that the animation ” magic around the war ” is ” Weekly Shonen Jump in” 2018 popular of the series is Akutami Mr. common people (Akutamigege) from March dark fantasy comic work was originally a. It depicts the battle between the ” magical spirit” born from the negative emotions of human beings and the ” magicians ” who worship it.

Shueisha of April 21 According to the announcement, comics ” magic around the game of” series total circulation of 45 million parts ( digital topped including version). June 4, the comics in order to launch the latest Volume 16, further growth is expected. 2021 In the winter, the day before Tan hit the Comics ” magic around game 0 Tokyo Metropolitan magic vocational high school was a movie a”, ” theater version magic around game 0 ‘s public schedule is.”

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