Peru’s politicians use anime cosplay to attract votes

Usually, politicians don’t have much to do with anime. However, if you look at Peru, you have to think twice about this statement.

The anime industry seems to continue to grow every year. With Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll, and other international streaming providers, the media is reaching people all over the world. Where the term “anime” was a foreign word a few decades ago, the market today is booming like never before. In South America, too, millions of fans are interested in Japanese series and films. Two Peruvian politicians are now using it to their advantage.

Political appearance in the anime look
Jorge Hugo Romero Bernales is a politician from the Christian People’s Party. In order to reach a younger target group, he decided to make an appearance in the Naruto Shippuden cosplay. But he is not wearing any of the clothes from the series, but the typical dress of Akatsuki members. The statesman explains why he chose this outfit for his election campaign by saying that he himself is like a renegade ninja. Except that he fights against the corrupt politicians of his country.

Politician Milagros Juárez is also grabbing votes in costume. Instead of Naruto, she opted for a Neon Genesis Evangelion cosplay. Dressed in the EVA costume of the female character Asuka Langley, she tries to get people excited about her political interests.

Bernales and Juárez both presented their cosplays both on the internet and on public television. With action, politicians want to draw more attention to themselves and their parties. It remains to be seen whether the people’s representatives will actually be able to fill out more ballots. What is certain, however, is that the two were able to elicit at least a few laughs with their costumes.

Just a few days ago, we reported that an American politician also spoke about anime. Democrat Ted Lieu shared his love for Attack on Titan on Twitter and recommended the action-packed series to his followers.

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