Incredible poster of Harry Potter characters turned into anime

The Harry Potter anime you’ve been waiting for

Incredible poster of Harry Potter characters turned into anime. That Japanese art has a great fascination for European literature – especially in stories that include period settings – is well known. And if Kurosawa took Shakespeare’s works to his field or we have seen countless manga and anime based on some of the most popular works of literature from the old continent, now we can see what Harry Potter characters would be like in anime form in this incredible poster with the most important characters of the seven books.

The creator of this Harry Potter/anime poster is the Japanese mangaka Waka Nakagawa, who with this work pays tribute to the work of JK Rowling. Will you dare to turn it into series? If not, we leave you with this parody of Harry Potter in anime form, to get an idea of ​​how it could be if it were the case.

Incredible poster with Harry Potter characters turned into anime:

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