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“Autumn Leaves: Hellbound & Debriefed” trial play, stripping battle is back

The action-adventure game “Autumn Leaves: Hellbound & Debriefed” developed by ACQUIRE Corp was officially launched in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other places in traditional Chinese last week. This game is based on “Autumn Leaves PLUS” released on PSP in 2012 Based on the Remaster version, let’s take a look at our demo experience.

When the PSP was launched at that time, this work was not yet Chinese culture, so this time the Chinese culture is also one of the selling points, and a lot of voices have also been added. In addition, thanks to the hardware upgrade, the reading speed is not as annoying as the PSP version. If it is the PS5 version, each map reading is about 1 to 3 seconds, making the entire game much smoother.

The story describes the streets of Akihabara at night, and the protagonist is attacked by a vampire called “Yin Yaozi” in urban legends. When he was dying, he was saved by a yin demon girl, who barely saved his life. With this incident as the beginning, the protagonist was involved in the struggle between the Yin Yaozi and humans and then decided to devote himself to this fighting war on the stage of Akihabara.

This is an action game. Players have to assist the mysterious organization “NIRO” to fight against the “Yin Yaozi”, but the Yin Yaozi has amazing regeneration ability, which cannot be effectively defeated by weapon attacks alone. Since their only weakness is that they are afraid of sunlight, as long as they damage their clothes first, and then take off their clothes at the right time to expose their skin to the sun, the Yin Yaozi can be turned into ashes.

The protagonist operated by the player was saved by the blood of the Yin Yaozi girl, so it is the same for us. Encounter some strong monsters, it is easy to be attacked and directly stripped of clothing. So in essence, this is an action game where you can’t see the health bar, and it’s not easy to estimate the remaining health.

Players can choose empty-handed, single-handed, and two-handed weapons, and attack in the upper, middle, and lower stages. If facing one person, they can damage all clothing first, and then take them off in one breath. When facing multiple people, You can also take off the clothing of many people in one breath after damaging the clothing of many people. You can get some spoof moves later, which is quite interesting.

This game also retains many hidden and bifurcated routes and multi-round mechanisms of the old era. If you like this game, there are many elements that can be studied.

It is a pity that this work is still a Remaster version, so although the picture quality has been greatly improved compared to the PSP, if compared with today’s games, it is still at an unsatisfactory stage. The battle seems new at first, but there are not many moves that can grow, and it will feel a little numb after a long time.

Seriously speaking, in addition to the welfare picture of the actress, the biggest selling point of “Akihabara” is the worldview. This stage dominated by Akihabara in Tokyo can be said to have portrayed everyone’s cultural expression of various “houses” in the past. It is not only the home store or maid store that reproduces the street scene, but also includes the common phenomenon of Akihabara in the past, such as rushing to buy limited products, looking for specific clothes, and so on.

The characters also have various animation attributes, such as taking pictures of the idol house, helping the sister to control the brother’s favor in the side missions, or the guy who wants the protagonist to become a pseudonym…A variety of interesting house stalks are included in this game in various forms. There are also many tributes to well-known animation works.

In addition, this work also reproduces Akihabara many years ago to a certain extent. People who have been to Akihabara several times will feel quite nostalgic. It is like the “Ishimaru Electric” is still maintained in the direction of Chuo Street from the entrance of the electric street Signboard.

Especially now under the epidemic situation, not only is it impossible to go abroad, but Akihabara itself is also experiencing a wave of shop failures due to the lack of tourists. If there is a chance to go to Akihabara next time, it may be a new round of the world.

“Autumn Leaves: Hellbound & Debriefed” is now available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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