Attack on Titan: Extra Pages Open Possibility for a Sequel

It is hard to think that a month ago we met chapter 139 of Attack on Titan, with an ending that left its fans both shaken and a bit divided by the choice of the author to end the series, especially after the arrival of its extra content.

At least this was the case until a few days ago because the extra pages that its final volume contains opened a debate on whether this series gave rise to a continuation.

It is worth noting that later we will talk about issues that took place in the final chapter of Attack on Titan,

As many manga readers know by now, Eren’s last heroic act was to extinguish the power of the world’s titans, to later be buried under a tree that lies outside the former walls of Paradis (YES, that tree we know from chapter 01).

Curiously, this is the place where our young “tatakae” had his calmest days with his friends. That being the case it sounds very good to bury him in the only place where he could rest peacefully. We also see that Mikasa always visited her impossible love even in her last days of life.

From here, the next pages revolve around the oak where the body of Eren Jaeger rests, a place that went from symbolizing “a monument” to the hero of Paradis to becoming the last memory of the Indian civilization that fell several years later. because of the wars.

Although so far there are still no signs of the return of the titans, the last extra page is the one that opens the biggest debate on this topic, since we can see an unknown young man meeting the tree, which has grown enormously and closely resembles the same place that Ymir found more than 2,000 years ago.

The scene is a total reference to what Ymir found at that time: a gigantic oak whose branches seem to form an entrance to the same place where he obtained his powers as the Founding Titan. And well… Eren’s inert body was buried there.

So, that place where the body of the protagonist is found, who wanted to eradicate the titans of the world could now become the key piece for his resurrection. Is this a possibility for an Attack on Titan sequel?

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