Kid Goku cosplay as Arale, Naruto and Seiya in these cute images shared on Twitter

There have been so many versions of Kakaroto that it is difficult to have just one as a favorite, however, the boy Goku was for many the first we met and therefore has a special place in our memories. Taking that nostalgia as a reference, a Twitter artist has presented a large collection of designs inspired by the Saiyan.

The Twitter account @ percentage05 has published a series of images of Goku in which we can see our hero cosplaying other anime characters such as Master Roshi, Freeza, and even Naruto, Arale, and even one of the Minions.

Goku’s collection of drawings spans several tweets in which not only can we see the artist’s talent, but we can also enjoy various crossovers that we could never have imagined. For example, Goku boy with the legendary jacket of Kaneda, the protagonist of Akira.

Even for fans of Akira Toriyama, we can see Goku as some of the protagonists of Dragon Quest, a video game that was illustrated by the creator of Dragon Ball.

Here we share just some of the images that you can find in the @ percentage05 account, so we invite you to visit the artist’s profile to find the complete collection, as well as his future works.

Without a doubt, nostalgia for Goku’s first adventures remains an important part of our memories as fans of Dragon Ball and everything that has to do with the adventures of Kakaroto.

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