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Very popular! ‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby’ The secret is ‘High reproducibility that tickles the hearts of horse racing fans’

“Uma Musume Pretty Derby”, which has exceeded 7 million downloads in less than three months since the game was distributed, is attracting attention. Why is it so popular now? I searched for the secret. “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” is a game that aims to win the race by training characters modeled on real racehorses. Characters with names that everyone has heard, such as ” Haru Urara ” and ” Silence Suzuka, ” will also appear. Since its launch in February, it has attracted a lot of attention in a blink of an eye, and on May 14, it has surpassed 7 million downloads in less than three months, and the momentum has not stopped. The “Uma Musume” project was announced in 2016. After that, development in various media such as manga and music started. Animated in April 2018. The second season started in January this year and became a hot topic. Kansai TV’s Koken Yoshihara, an announcer with 16 years of live horse racing history, will also appear a little. It was live on the DVD bonus footage of the first season of the anime. [Play-by-play of Yoshihara announcer of the anime “live with my Yoshihara, we will receive in the Explanation, Hosoe’s,” ” special week Approaching Approaching Approaching! Lined up! Special week,! I jumped to the leading role of the Satsuki Award” the secret of popularity What the hell is that? The point of interest is the high degree of reproducibility that tickles the hearts of horse racing fans.

High reproducibility that tickles the hearts of horse racing fans “Part 1″ … Faithfully reproduce the individuality of racehorses by characterization
For example, the unique way of walking shown by the character ” Tokai Teio ” that appeared in the anime . This reproduces the bouncy gait called “Teio Step” that the racehorse “Tokai Teio” that became the model had just before the race. I feel love for horses.

High reproducibility that tickles the hearts of horse racing fans “Part 2” … That famous live performance can be seen in anime!
Speaking of tickling the hearts of horse racing fans, what I would like you to pay attention to is the reproduction of the actual situation at that time. For example, the 1992 Sankei Osaka Cup (G2). Here is the actual condition of Kiyoshi Sugimoto , who is called the god of horse racing . [1992 Sankei Osaka Cup] “Tokai Teio 3rd. Tokai Teio 3rd. Okabe (jockey)’s hand has hardly moved yet. Tokai Teio 3rd. The front two are no longer important!” I don’t care anymore … I talked to Kiyoshi Sugimoto about this situation where I said this. [Former Kansai TV announcer Kiyoshi Sugimoto] “This is the word that fans have been waiting for in Tokai Teio’s return race for the first time in about a year, and it came out as a fan representative.” What happens in the anime … [Anime 2nd Season Live] “Tokai Teio 3rd. Tokai Teio 3rd. It doesn’t work yet. It doesn’t work yet. Tokai Teio. The previous two people don’t care anymore!” The fusion of generous respect for horse racing and cute characters has won the hearts of not only horse racing fans but also game and anime fans. (Kantele “News Runner” Hello! New Normal “Yonanaka Lab” broadcast on May 20)

[Explanation] “Multi-development” in anime, games, manga, etc … “Uma Musume” supported by a wide range of people
I feel the passion of the creator of this work for horse racing. The romance of horse racing, including the actual situation, and the history of thoroughbreds are expressed with particular attention based on thorough interviews. One of the attractions is that it shows “if development”, that is, “what if”. Thoroughbreds can’t speak, of course, but what if they did? I feel that “Uma Musume,” a character of a racehorse, speaks for us. It means linking feelings while comparing past famous horses with “Uma Musume”. And even if you don’t know horse racing, there is no problem. In games, you can enjoy it by training characters, and there is also an element of “spokon”. “Uma Musume” makes a tearful effort toward a big race, and sometimes there is a drama that aims for glory while being injured, so I can cry. Announcer Moena Takegami of Kansai TV said, “I was addicted to anime and watched everything. The character is really well reproduced, and the entanglement of Gold Ship and Mejiro McQueen is the cutest.” However, the reason for its popularity is that it is supported by a wide range of people, not only horse racing fans, but also those who love anime and those who like spokon. I think it’s a very modern work that is multi-developed in anime, games, manga, etc. (Kansai Telecasting Announcer Koken Yoshihara).

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