Edens Zero Celebrates Newest Episode With Fun New Sketches

Eden’s Zero creators Hiro Mashima is celebrating the release of the anime’s newest episode with some fun new sketches! Mashima is one of the busiest creators working with anime and manga right now as he is currently working on several large, diverse projects managing the gamut between manga, anime, video games, and more. His latest weekly series, Edens Zero, was featured in Kodansha’s weekly magazine Schoenen and was so successful that it debuted its first anime adaptation as part of the anime’s plans for spring 2021.

The latest episode of the anime, which recently aired in Japan, featured some big moments about Homura, so the series creators decided to celebrate Hiro Mashima with a fun new sketch to honor Homura’s leap into battle. Just like the debuts of some great characters in the anime’s past, Mashima is also celebrating the latest episode with a fun new sketch by Rebecca Blugarden. You can see the sketch below:

Eden’s Zero is streaming the new episode in Japan, but fans in other regions still haven’t been able to try it out for themselves. Netflix has confirmed that Edens Zero will stream with them later this fall, and while they haven’t confirmed a specific release date or narrowed that window, it has been confirmed that the series will run for 25 episodes for those early orders.

Netflix officially describes the 25-part series as follows: “This is the year X492, an era where people freely explore the universe. Rebecca, who makes B-Cuber videos, visits the robot world of Granbell and meets a young man with special powers: Shiki, who has spent his entire life under a machine. Shiki soon explores outer space with Rebecca, getting to know new places, people, and things, and making friends. Join the adventure that begins on Netflix in 2021.

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