Mone Kamishiraishi x Riho Yoshioka x Jesse (SixTONES) Introducing the influential “lyrics”

Actresses Mone Kamishiraishi, Riho Yoshioka, and Jesse of the popular group SixTONES will broadcast the TBS-based “lyrics-specialized” music special on the 20th, “These lyrics stabbed! Appeared in “Good Phrase” (after 7:00). We approach the “lyrics” that had a great influence.

Gokuraku Tombo and Koji Kato act as MCs is “a good phrase that saved me when I was depressed”, “a good phrase that saved me from a broken heart”, and ” A good phrase that gave me the courage to go to my dreams.

” We investigated such a piercing “good phrase” in a street interview. Introducing 32 gems that received a lot of opinions by generation. Showa pops stabbed by young people in their 20s such as Kamishiraishi, Yoshioka, and Jesse, former rugby representative from Japan, Goromaru AyumuAI that supported the frustration of Japan, DREAMS COME TRUE that saved former women’s volleyball representative Saori Kimura from pressure, anime music that inspired Mamoru Hosoda to pursue that path, Creepy who removed the anxiety of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Nuts, ONE OK ROCK who saved figure skating Yuzuru Hanyu from the pressure of three consecutive victories, what is each “good phrase”? After recording, Kato said, “I like it, listening to the lyrics that stuck in the heart of the person.

I feel like I can see the life and way of life of the person.

Read the lyrics deeply. I think that there are various discoveries, such as the feelings of the artist who made the song, and the song that I liked so far, so please take a look with your family. I want you to be. ” Studio guests include Amika, Yusuke Kamiji, Saori Kimura, Sho Kiryuin (Golden Bomber), Teruyuki Tsuchida, Meru Nukumi, and Miki. The facilitator will be Ai Eto Anna.

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