Irma Thomas Net Worth : How much exactly is the Soul Queen worth today?

Irma Thomas, popularly known as the Soul Queen of New Orleans, is an American R&B singer and songwriter. The singer initially started showing her wings while performing for her Church’s choir. In this post, we’ll be discussing Irma Thomas Net Worth and try to make an educated approximation of how much the veteran singer is worth today. In a career of 50-plus years, Irma has seen a lot of ups and downs. Currently 81 years old, Irma has worked with several record labels in her prolific career. The first single Irma released in 1959, Don’t Mess With My Man, is her best performing single as per US Billboard R&B chart ranking, and it ranked 22nd. With the help of her band’s frontman Tommy Ridgley, she got her first contract with a local record company Ron.

Irma Thomas Net Worth

Irma Thomas Net Worth

Irma was active mainly through the non-streaming era, where sales were only physical as popular modes of streaming like Youtube or Spotify didn’t exist. It’s often said that the non-streaming age created better art, but the artists struggled. However, this struggle wasn’t an artistic one but rather a commercial one. Getting global success was a far-fetched dream, and rightly so, as the logistics weren’t there to propel the artist’s work. Though major artists today use the art from the non-streaming to sample in their songs or just for inspiration. Irma’s most popular tracks on streaming sites today have millions of play value. Today, some of her popular music includes songs like Time is on my side, Anyone who knows what love is, and Straight from the heart.

Irma also has a collaboration credit in Hugh Laurie’s 2011 Studio Album Let Them Talk.

Awards and Achievements of Irma Thomas

In a career of over 50 years, it’s possible to lose sight of things and give in to hardships. Irma Thomas, however, did the opposite and won a much deserved Grammy in the year 2007. The Grammy win was in the Best Contemporary Blue Album division. Soul Queen got the award for her 18th studio album, After The Rain, which the fans consider one of her best works so far.

Irma Thomas won Blues Music Award in the Soul Blues Female Artist category in 2013. In 2018 Irma was honored with Lifetime Achievement Award for Performance.

The veteran artist and songwriter also received a royalty for much of her work during the non-streaming era. The top-rated show Black Mirror used Anyone Who Knows What Love Is(Will Understand) by Irma, and as per reports, she received a decent amount for that. She still gets royalty checks from the same and other shows and movies that use her music.

Irma Thomas’s net worth mainly has contributions from the streaming era, where her music gained popularity.  Her Discography was mentioned for fair use and eligible for royalty on more than 20 occasions. Most notable shows include Black Mirro, Star Trek: Picard, End of the Fucking World, and Black Lightning. Royalty, Album sales, and replay value on streaming sites contribute to the majority of Irma Thomas’s Net Worth.

Irma Thomas Net Worth

About Irma Thomas

Irma Thomas, or Soul Queen of New Orleans, is a prominent R&B and soul singer and songwriter. The life Irma is living now results from the hardships she faced in her younger days. Not able to continue her high school education as she got pregnant at an early age, Irma didn’t lose heart and got much success in her music career. Irma used to perform at different venues now; she’s mainly exclusive to Jazz Fest and her Sunday choir performances. At this age, after living through so many different experiences, Irma mostly spends time watching Jeopardy. Irma recently released a singly in the Feb 2022 called Carnival Time. It features Cyril Neville and George Porter Jr.

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Irma Thomas Net Worth

Determining the net worth of Irma Thomas is a daunting task as the singer/songwriter is a very private person. But considering things like awards, achievements, royalties, and popularity, we can make an approximated guess. The Net Worth of Irma Thomas is approximately between 1.5-5 Million USD as of 2022.

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