Where is Mike Breen now?

Mike Breen Feature-min

Whenever we talk about NBA and the excitement related to it, there is always one name that comes to our mind, Mike Breen. His iconic ‘Baaaang’ is the ‘sound of music to our ears whenever we listen to his commentary. Some of his lines have marked the way we see NBA. Like how he says “Stephen Curry from Downtown” or “He puts it in” (no pun intended) has so much added value. It is considered a matter of privilege when a commentator of such high quality lifts the match and thus the league’s stature. Be it the finals or even the playoffs, and his presence is evergreen. He is the epitome of commentary in the NBA.


For the last many years, all the major playoff matches and the Finals have been covered by Mike Breen. Do you all remember the 2013 finals between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs? In the final moment, where Lebron James missed his three-pointer but luckily, the ball rebounds and goes to Allen for 3, the way Breen describes the entire moment is a thing of beauty. Similarly, in the block made by Lebron in the 2016 finals against the Golden State Warriors, Breen’s magical voice creates a double impact on the situation. But the current ongoing NBA finals 2022 doesn’t feature Mike Breen. Wonder why? Let us all find out.

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What happened to Mike Breen?

The ever-present figure for the NBA finals, Mike Breen, is missing. His commentary was missed during the first of the seven-match finals series between the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors, which Boston won. The match was good, but the true fans realized they missed Breen’s voice. But what happened? Why all of a sudden, is he missing?


Mike and Van


Mike Breen, alongside Jeff Van Gundy, both the pioneers for the ESPN network, has fallen ill from covid. Both of them tested positive, which is why they missed the action of game 1 of the NBA finals. In-game 1, Breen previously missed game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics. Also, for this year’s finals, there was no covid testing policy for people from the media staff, so naturally, they were not tested.

Whatever the current situation stands, we all hope for a speedy recovery for Mike Breen and Jeff because we all miss him and want him to be in action as early and healthy as possible. Game 2 between Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics starts on June 4.