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Michael B. Jordan And Lori Harvey Are Not Dating Anymore

A piece of shocking news comes in for the fans of Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey. The couple has announced their separation very recently, in June 2022. After a year of being together, they both have parted ways and are heartbroken. According to a source, told The People, Jordan made mentally and emotionally ready to take this relationship to a new level, possibly marriage. On the other hand, Lori was not at all ready for this kind of commitment as she wanted to be free and have fun in her life. This decision has led to both of them being completely heartbroken but according to the source, Lori is ready to move on with her life. She has accepted the reality and wants to look forward to the new chapters of life. Publicly, both of them have not come out and said it but it seems for us and their fans the end of the road.

Michael B. Jordan And Lori Harvey Are Not Dating Anymore

Michael B. Jordan And Lori Harvey Are Not Dating Anymore

The age gap was one of the major factors, the source said. Jordan is 35 and Lori is 25, they both are at different stages in their careers and mentally as well. Lori wants more out of her life and Jordan is willing to settle down. She is completely focused on her career and just wants to stay on that page whereas Jordan has reached a place in his life, where he has found stability in his career and otherwise. This 10-year age gap is what has cost them in their relationship. Good things, there were no other fights that led to the breakup and it was a mutual decision in the end. Source mentioned that they would like privacy in this matter and they would themselves come out in the public when they feel is the right time. A sad reality, and like all other good things, this also comes to an end.

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On the professional front, we all know Michael B. Jordan as one best actor in Hollywood currently. He has certainly cemented his place as one of the top stars in the world with extraordinary performances like Adonis Creed in Creed and Erik Killmonger in Black Panther. He is undoubtedly a superstar at present. Lori Harvey is a successful model, entrepreneur, and famous celebrity in the fashion industry. With many big brands associated with her, she has definitely achieved a lot at such a young age. Her skincare company SKN by LH is also a very successful business.

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