Shia Lebeouf and Ex Girlfriend: Complete History

Shia Lebeouf Feature

Shia Lebeouf and his Ex-Girlfriend have been making the headlines ever since the news of the pregnancy broke out. Mia Goth, a British actress who has been in a relationship with Shia from 2012-to 2018, had announced that she was expecting a child with him. Very recently, she was seen pushing a stroller alongside Shia. Prior to this, when Mia was spotted with Lebeouf, photographers managed to click her bump, creating rumors about her pregnancy. They are yet to confirm the news, though most of us know the baby is theirs. Whether Shia Lebeouf and Ex are together or not is still a question that remains to be answered.

On the professional front Shia Lebeouf is most famous for his role in Transformers. The entire series was loved by the fans and the brief period where the leading actors were romantically involved. Megan Fox and Lebeouf were together for almost two years. In a 2018 interview, Megan revealed she genuinely loved Shia. The past decade saw Shia in different relationships, and his mental struggle also came out. He admitted to being abusive to himself and to his close ones, for which he apologized. The life of the actor has surely been a turbulent ride and this article will reflect on his and his ex’s life.

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Shia Lebeuf and Ex- History

Shia Lebeuf and his ex Mia Goth’s history goes back a long way. They met in 2012 on the sets of Nymphomaniac, and the story of their romance started from there. They went on to date each other for 4 years before getting married in 2016. In Las Vegas, they held a private ceremony, and though it wasn’t a marriage ceremony it was more of a commitment ceremony.

On the famous Ellen show, Shia himself revealed about the ceremony. However, in 2018 the couple separated and filed for divorce. So far what we know about his dating history, Lebeouf has been involved in a post-divorce, and one of them caught maximum attention.

Shia Lebeouf and Ex

English musician FKA Twigs was involved in a romantic relationship with Shia Lebeuf. They started in 2018, and in 2019 everything ended between them in a dramatic fashion. Things took a complete turn when Twigs filed a lawsuit against Shia for being abusive and exploiting her. He was also alleged to beat her. Later she revealed that the actor knowingly transferred her STDs. This put her in a lot of emotional distress. Later on, Netflix also removed him from their award campaign Pieces of a Woman. Subsequently, he took a break from acting and started receiving treatment. He was also diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. A major setback came when he was nominated for the Hall of Shame Awards at the 2020 Alliance of Women Film Journalists.

Present Situation Of  Shia Lebeouf and Ex-Mia Goth

Shia Lebeouf and Mia Goth

Shia Lebeouf and her ex, Mia Goth, came back together after Lebeouf’s series of failed relationships. Though not official, the duo was seen riding bikes together and walking holding each other’s arms. Furthermore, the proof of their relationship became solid when Mia was clicked with a bulging belly. And in April 2022, the news of a newly born child came out. Though still not publicly out, it seems Shia and Mia have both found love in each other and we hope it continues to be the same way.