Are Krystal And Kyle Dating?

Fans already went crazy by their amazing chemistry on the podcast “Krystal Kyle and Friends.” Although the podcast was launched in January 2021, it still hits the headlines. Is their romance the reason behind the success of the show? One can indeed speculate that. Krystal Kyle and Friends is all about the conversation between Kyle, Krystal, and a guest. They usually converse on politics and philosophy. Krystal laughing at Kyle’s jokes can give you a ‘couple goals’ feeling.

The speculations gained tremendous heights when they posted their traveling photos. Both of them are political commentators and seem to share the same views. Kyle co-founded Justice Democrats; a political action committee developed for supporting candidates who do not take endorsements from PACs (Political Action Committees). While Krystal herself was a candidate for a House seat in 2010 as a Democrat. However, she lost it to the Republican candidate.

Are Krystal And Kyle Dating?

Krystal Ball stood as a candidate by the Democratic party, was a host at MSNBC, and also she used to regularly contribute to the Huffington Post. However, she gained much recognition with her show “Breaking points with Krystal and Saagar,” which she co-hosted with Saagar Enjeti. Currently, she is co-hosting a show “Krystal Kyle and Friends” with her boyfriend Kyle Kulinski. That is not it, she makes guest appearances on famous networks such as CNN, CNBC, Fox News, etc. She is always active here and there and never lets her fans forget about her.

Are Krystal and Kyle dating

Kyle Kulinski started his career with a youtube channel called, “Secular Talk” when he was just a Political Science student. His bold manner of presenting the show developed an audience base for him. After being popular for his show, he went on to create another one, titled, ‘The Kyle Kulinski Show’ on BlogTopRadio. This show gave him fame and his subscriber count reach above 100,000. He literally started making living out of his youtube channel. Further, he developed a ‘Justice Democrats’ committee for supporting candidates with different other members. Nowadays, he is gaining fame from his show with Krystal Ball.

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Is Krystal Married?

It may come as a shock, but Krystal Ball is still married to her second husband, Jonathan Darayanani, An American businessman. There is no news about the divorce. Both of them are married since 2008. Though she revealed her and Kyle’s romance through various cryptic social media posts, she has not publicly announced her separation from her husband. Moreover, Krystal and Jonathan are blessed with three children. Her dating news became more popular and hard to believe because of her existing marriage.

Did Krystal And Kyle Make Their Relationship Official?

Kyle Kuluski ended the months of dating rumors and speculations on Valentine’s day of 2022. On February 14th, he shared a selfie-and confirmed their dating rumors. Not only that, Krystal replied to it with four heart emojis.

In the picture, Kyle appears to be giving a sweet kiss on Krystal’s cheek (clearly not a friendly kiss). Both of them never really cleared the date of when their love story started.

The Fans Are Overwhelmed With The News

Some of their fans went in complete shock and surprise. However, there were some who were ready with the statement ‘told you so.’ A huge fan base was sure about the romance happening behind the scenes by witnessing the chemistry on the screen.

Someone wrote “Really happy for you both-you look so happy,” while the other commented, “powerful duo.” One user was so shocked that she went into commenting “Wait, are they dating? I thought he had a girlfriend and she was married? Or am I reading too much into a friend pic?”