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How Rich is Clayton Echard? Net worth and more

Clayton Echard is a former football player and a Sales Agent from the United States, subsequently famously known as one of the most eligible bachelors in the show ‘The Bachelor.’ Additionally, his reality TV venture has made him globally famous now. He left a prominent mark in ‘The Bachelor’ Season 26, and he will be back in Season 26 of ‘The Bachelor shortly.

Clayton has been a Sales Representative for Stryker’s Corporation, a medical equipment firm, since 2016. He made his television debut in ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 18, for Michelle Young’s season. Initially, 34 men were revealed as prospects for the show. Eventually, he came to the seventh position.

Echard was the star of  ‘The Bachelor’ season 26.

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Quick Trivia about Clayton Echard

Clayton was born on April 29, 1993, in Missouri, Eureka

Clayton attended Eureka High School and the University of Missouri

He started playing football in sixth grade and was a defensive lineman for Eureka High School’s Varsity football

He has two siblings, namely Patrick Echard and Nade Echard

His marital status is single, and there are no reports that mention any potential partner

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Clayton’s Link with Football

After his excellent performance as the defensive lineman for Eureka High School, he signed with Seattle Seahawks in 2016. That lasted for a few months, after which he left the team. Clayton opened up about it on LinkedIn. He emphasized how it was a unique experience for him, although he could not make it to the roster. He did work hard and made it through the first four cuts.

Subsequently, he graduated from school. Later, he joined Stryker Corporation as their Sales Representative, a medical device company.

Clayton’s Family

Clayton Echard took birth to his parents, Brian Echard and Kelly Duff Echard. His parents got married in 1991 and spent 29 years of marriage together. His parents will appear on ‘the Bachelorette’s finale to give their blessings. Clayton mother is a teacher who teaches in Washington School District.

Clayton’s ‘The Bachelor’ opportunity

During season 18 of The Bachelorette, starring Michelle Young, Echard participated as a contestant. He came in eighth place, but his journey in reality television was just beginning.

In November 2021, ABC confirmed him as the star of season 26 of The Bachelor, which premiered this past January 3 and has caused great controversy.

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Clayton’s Net Worth

With the fame that Echard continues to garner, we are all wondering what the Bachelor’s net worth will be in 2022. His net worth so far is either $1 million or $2 million.

It is rumored that for being the star of The Bachelor, Echard received $100 thousand, while the salary of a medical sales representative is around $100 thousand to $200 thousand a year. However, no doubt from his appearance on the reality TV show he will be showered with proposals to monetize his fame with sponsored posts on Instagram, so his net worth will continue to increase.

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