Jamie Lee Curtis Net Worth: How Rich Is The Actress?

Jamie lee curtis net worth

Jamie Lee Curtis is one name that can not be separated from the horror genre in movies. The actress has performed in various movies, with the horror genre being her best. Her breakthrough role was in the 70s movie Halloween. The name is enough to give you all the chills. Today, we will talk about Jamie Lee Curtis’s net worth and how the actress has built her empire. Keep reading to the end of the article to know the actress’ net worth. She also has a combined net worth with her husband, Christopher Guest. The actress is notable for her on-screen performance.

Jamie Lee Curtis was born on Nov 22, 1958. Apart from acting, the actress has also taken up various other pursuits like voice acting, producing, and writing. She is also known for voicing various characters in movies and shows. In the latter half of her career, the actress also did some notable performances in comedy movies. It proved just how versatile the actress is and what she can do in the industry. She is a notable personality who has won various awards in her lifetime.

A Look At The Career Of Jamie Lee Curtis!

After her role in the 1978 horror film Halloween, she became known as a scream queen. A name was given to actresses famous for their roles in horror movies. And true, lee was the queen of horror movies in the early 80s. Horror movies were more tokenistic then, and that solo role paved the way for lee’s career. After this initial movie, she went on to do many spin-offs of the movie. Her most notable works are in horror movies like The Fog,” “Prom Night,” “Terror Train,” and many more rip-offs of the movie Halloween.

jamie lee curtis net worth
What Is The Net Worth Of Jamie Lee Curtis?

She broke her scream queen image with the comedy movie Trading Places. The movie was a great hit, and it helped lee win her BAFTA for the best actress in a supporting role. She was successfully able to break the monotony of her horror movie image. She followed up with comedy movies like A fish called Wanda and Blue Steel, etc.

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What Is The Net Worth Of Jamie Lee Curtis?

Jamie Lee Curtis has an estimated net worth is about $60 Million as of now. In the later years of her career, Curtis performed in many movies and series. She is known for delivering amazing performances as a supporting actress in movies like Knives out, An acceptable loss, Charlie’s angels, and anything but love. Curtis lives with her husband Christopher in Santa Monica. In 2016, it was reported that the couple bought another property for $2.2 million. The new property is just adjacent to their permanent home in Santa Monica. It is assumed that they might merge the two properties to create one single big space. The new property reportedly has 1,900 square feet and a big swimming pool.

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