Seth MacFarlane Net Worth: How Rich Is The Family Guy Creator?

Seth MacFarlane Net Worth

Sath Macfarlane is known to be one of the best creative minds of his generation. Some people might know him from the work that he has done with The Family Guy. Looking at all of his achievements, fans are curious about the net worth of Seth MacFarlane. Some know him as the founder of the TED movies Franchise. He is considered a one-person army as he made the animation himself, voice, and background music in the Family Guy with his will and hard work. The pilot episode was amazing; he got the offer to make the entire season.

Sath is also the creator/executive producer of the series “American Dad,” which premiered in 2005. He was written, directed, and produced several films. Sath got his start while making short films when he was still in school. He impressed everybody with his short films. At nine, he published his first comic, “Walter Crouton.” His journey started in 1997 with Fox network when he offered them the idea of Family Guy. At that time, they declined the idea of Seth Macfarlence and rejected him.

After some time, they called him to pitch again for the show in 1998. He was offered a budget of 50 thousand dollars. At that moment, the budget of every animation movie was around 1.2 to 1.7 million dollars. He created the first episode with 50 thousand dollars.


Seth MacFarlane Net Worth

What Is The Net Worth Of Seth MacFarlane?

The Net Worth of Seth Macfarlane is estimated to be around $330 million. He has earned $250 million from, The Family Guy. For each episode, he earns $1 million. Sath Macfarlane is still the head writer in The Family Guy franchise. He is also a movie producer, earning 50 million dollars from his movies. Between 2005 and 2008, he was paid $2 million per year by Fox for show running duties. In 2005 he negotiated a 100 million dollar deal to continue overseeing his animation empire for five years.

It was considered one of the largest and priciest contracts in television history up to that point. Further, this salary didn’t include the DVD or merchandise rights estimated to be $20 million, which adds in Sath Earnings. His movie “Ted,” released in 2012, did a great collection at the box office with $500 million. The sequel of the movie “Ted 2” grossed just $200 million. 

Seth MacFarlane Real Estate & Cars

Sath Macfarlane lives in a heavily renovated mid-1980s modern house spread over 6,900 square feet. He paid $ 15—68 million for the waterfront Malibu property. The property is very private, and the house is beautifully framed in green. The interior of the house has wide-plank, matte-finished hardwood. There are five bedrooms and six baths in the home, a sauna, and views of the beach. He is a fan of cars. You can judge by his car collection. He has cars like DeLorean for $93,000 and a Maserati for $96,000.

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