Tammy Hembrow Dating History

Tammy Hembrow

Tammy Hembrow’s dating history is not too complicated. Before discussing her dating life, let’s get to know Tammy better. Hembrow is a fitness enthusiast who has built a flourishing online career for herself. She is one of the most followed personalities online and hence is an influencer. Tammy is also a YouTube personality, content creator, fitness trainer, and even a model. She releases fitness videos of her working out, which inspires her audience to get on this journey with her. Many people have claimed that her workout videos and fitness tips have changed their lives. She has gathered a huge audience, as she has over 13 million followers on her Instagram account. She has 115 videos on her YouTube channel and over a million subscribers.

In 1194, she was born in Gold Coast, Australia. She went to a private school where she developed many interests and participated in many extra-curricular activities. She later graduated from a prominent business school with a degree in business management. After graduation, she developed a great interest in fitness and yoga. Tammy has recently given birth to a beautiful kid with a current boyfriend. After this news, fans and followers are intrigued to know Tammy Hembrow’s dating history. Please continue reading to know all about her past and current relationships.

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Tammy Hembrow’s Dating History

Now that we know how Hembrow has an amazing professional life, let’s discuss if her love life is flourishing. She has been in three serious relationships throughout her career. She has been open and real about all of these relationships. Keep on reading to learn everything about Tammy Hembrow’s dating history.

3. Reece Hawkins

Reece Hawkins and Tammy started dating each other in early 2013. It was obvious how deeply in love the pair was. They were pretty serious and even had two kids together, who was named Wolf and Saskia. The beautiful relationship ended, and the couple publicly announced their split. The kids currently live with Tammy and her current boyfriend. The reason behind the breakup was not revealed, but people assume it was ugly as Tammy does not allow Reece to meet their children.


2. Tyga

In early 2019, rumors about Tammy and Tyaga seeing each other had surfaced. There was a great amount of drama as Tammy got into a flued with Tyga’s ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner. The drama aroused as Tammy is also Kylie’s good friend. Kylie Jenner expressed in an interview how she was disappointed when she saw the video of Tammy dancing wildly with Tyga. Although it has not been confirmed whether the two were dating, sources have revealed that the pair were hooking up.

Tyga and Tammy

1. Matt Poole

Tammy met Matt Poole amidst the global pandemic, and the two instantly shared a connection. Later, the influencer announced her engagement with Matt. Poole proposed to her on a private yacht, and Tammy said yes without any doubt in her mind. The couple has recently given birth to a beautiful child. Rumors about the couple calling it quit had recently surfaced online, but Tammy has confirmed that the pair is still very much together and in love.

Matt and Tammy